Friday, December 16, 2016

Quite a Contrast: Hillary Parties w/ Billionaire Donors Who Tried to Buy Her Election While Trump Meets The People in Hershey PA

And if you missed Trump's speech, it's worth the watch!

So, while Hillary Clinton was partying in New York City with the rich donors who tried to buy her the election Donald Trump was thanking the good people of Pennsylvania for their faith in him in a visit to Hershey.

If you didn't see Trump's speech it's worth the watch. In it he lays out his agenda for the coming weeks after his inauguration. And he doesn't hold back. Warning, it will make liberal heads explode which makes it even more compelling viewing!

On a related note, I've been laid up this week with a foot injury. The best medicine I've found is replaying the entire CNN election night coverage. From Wolf Blitzer's high pitched excitement early on when Hillary had leads in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina to his rather more somber pronouncements when the worm turned. It's a great holiday pick me up!

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