Friday, December 16, 2016

Washington Post And World Warned Obama About Horrific Consequences of Aleppo Collapse. He Didn't Listen!

What's worse? The children who lost their lives or the orphans who have lost their parents as Obama sat by and watched the slaughter?

The brutality of what is happening in Aleppo is impossible to imagine. Even images like these below are somewhat sanitized from the nightmare the children and their families are enduring. These are the lucky ones.

So many images are far worse. How did it come to this? Why did we stand by and watch this unfold? It isn't like we didn't know. The Washington Post Editorial Board (not Fox News, not Rush Limbaugh) has been warning for months that disaster was coming and Obama would bear responsibility.

Consider this editorial from November headlined:The United States is giving Putin the green light for atrocities.
December 14th Post Editorial: The bloodbath in Aleppo will haunt humanity.
Above all, Aleppo represents a meltdown of the West’s moral and political will — and in particular, a collapse of U.S. leadership. By refusing to intervene against the Assad regime’s atrocities, or even to enforce the “red line” he declared on the use of chemical weapons, President Obama created a vacuum that was filled by Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. As recently as October, Mr. Obama set aside options drawn up by his advisers to save Aleppo. Instead, he supported the delusional diplomacy of Secretary of State John F. Kerry, whose endless appeals to Moscow for cease-fires yielded — as Mr. Putin no doubt intended — nothing more than a humiliating display of American weakness.
All the Obama Administration has seen fit to do in the face of this horror is to send UN Ambassador Samantha Powers to make a statement which includes:

POWERS: “Are you truly incapable of shame? … Is there no act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child, that gets under your skin, that just creeps you out, just a little bit?”
The Syrians, the Russians and the Iranians have thrown the blood of children into the face of humanity. The shame here is that all Obama can do is send out his U.S. Ambassador to castigate them. Another empty gesture from an empty presidency devoid of conscience and leadership. Thank GOD a change for the better is soon to arrive. Sadly, too late for the children of Aleppo!

P.S. At his news conference on Friday, Obama choose to spend his time suggesting Russian tampering in elections. Apparently that to him is more important. And why all of a sudden has he discovered that problem? It's been going on FOR YEARS!

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