Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bye Bye Obama GOOD RIDDANCE. The Damage You've Done is Incalculable. Thank God the Adults Are Back in Charge!

No Class: The ASS in chief even threatens to stick his nose back in the minute Trump does something HE doesn't like!

ASS in Chief!
Eight long years of waiting are finally over. Eight years of one disaster after another in domestic, foreign and national security policy are OVER!

Worst economic performance since the end of World War II. Millions no longer even participating in the labor force. Race relations at an all time low. This is a President who let terrorists, traitors and drug dealers go free but used the IRS to target law abiding Americans.

His policies saw terrorism spread across the globe and horrific attacks inside the United States. Bad guys like Russia, Iran and China free to spread trouble without consequence. And the worst Nobel Prize for Peace EVER given to a man that has seen wars spread while promising to end them. The U.S. currently has thousands of troops BACK in Iraq with hundreds in Syria as well and deployments to Europe of all places including sending Marines this week to Norway. Some peace hunh?

And all the while, a Narcissist in Chief who thinks first, second and third of himself. Speeches littered with "I," "me," and "my" just the most obvious sign of some deep seated pathology.

His legacy of FAILURE will be undone by Trump. But no doubt the pipsqueak ex-President will feel compelled to remind us all frequently why he is such a failure by constantly giving more speeches with I, me and my!

Good riddance. Good bye. GO AWAY!

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