Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If Trump Protests Are Genuine Why Do They Have to PAY Protesters? Fascist Fonies!

More evidence that Trump represents REAL America and the left's protests are proof of their OWN ILLEGITIMACY!

The Washington Times reports that contrary to so-called "fact checker" news sites, there is currently an effort underway to pay BIG BUCKS to people trained to disrupt and create violent protests against Trump. Of course it's nothing new as we learned from the Democrat email leaks where Hillary backers engaged in a secret campaign to spark violence at Trump rallies.

People are being offered large monthly stipends and $50 and hour to engage in these faux protests. But they must sign a confidentiality agreement, no doubt to deny they are being paid.

The ads are running in dozens of cities nationwide:

And they call Trump's election illegitimate? Puhlease!

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