Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Fulfilling Campaign Pledges with Slew of Executive Orders. And Obama Backers Can't Complain!

Unlike Obama's orders, Trump is directing the Federal Government to OBEY the law, not skirt it!

Surrounded by the mothers of people killed by illegal aliens and Vice President Pence, President Trump (that just sounds SO GOOD to type) on Wednesday signs orders to build the wall using existing legislative authority and to deport criminal illegals and crack down on Sanctuary Cities that defy Federal Law. Text of the order is here.

Border Agents are cheering the news:
“During the previous administration, we had a president that failed to acknowledge the problems on the border. Now, we have a president that not only acknowledges the problems, but is willing to give us the tools needed to address them.”
On Tuesday, Trump signed orders to approve building of Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines pending approval by private builders to use American supplied pipe. These projects have been held up for years despite government studies which showed the pipelines did not pose environmental risks (New York Times report).

Build that Pipeline!
We've already reported that Trump's very first act upon entering the Oval Office on Friday following his Inauguration was the signing of an order to cancel pending Obama regulations to implement ObamaCare.

Wall Street Celebrates DOW 20,000

DOW 20,000!
America is going back to work and even the Stock Market, with so many ties to Obama and Hillary Clinton can't ignore it. Wednesday, the Dow Jones Average crossed the 20,000 point barrier. Since Trump's election, the Dow has soared as well as other indicators of economic well being.

Finally, following Trump's Inauguration, many supporters were physically assaulted, by people who claimed THEY were fascists. Looking past that, Trump supporters shared their joy in moments like this where a waitress at a DC restaurant received a $450.00 tip on a $72.60 bill. The waitress, who happens to be black, must have found the noise about Trump's racist supporters amusing following that!

Meanwhile, Democrats in the U.S. Senate continue to do everything they can to slow walk confirmation of Trump's cabinet nominees. Sen. Charles Schumer, Dem leader in the Senate was cornered by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) who points out that eight years ago Obama's nominees sailed through at the same time Cotton was getting shot at by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Despite that smackdown, Dems continue their blind obstruction of all things Trump!

America is moving forward and Democrats are doing everything they can to stop our progress. We know who they are and what they are. Eight years of this nonsense is ENOUGH!

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