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Monday, January 23, 2017

Hopeful Sign in War on Radical Islam with Trump Call to Egypt's President Al Sisi

Al Sisi took his life in his hands to define and oppose radical Islam. He got no thanks from Obama who resented overthrow of radical Muslim Brotherhood. 

In January 2015 Egypt's President Al-Sisi went to a meeting of top Islamic scholars in Cairo and delivered the speech Obama should have given in that city. In it, Al Sisi challenged leaders of Islam to break free from the radicals who only want death and destruction and called for a "religious revolution" to defeat the radicals.

It was a speech that should have been widely praised by the United States yet Obama could not look past his petulance that the Egyptian people rose up and ousted the radical Muslim Brotherhood which Obama had helped to install to replace longtime U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak. It was Mubarak's ouster which helped set off the war in Syria which gave ISIS a further foothold in the region.

Obama refused to invite Al-Sisi to Washington and kept this potential ally and leader of the most populous Arab country at arms length. That is about to change.

Monday's call by Trump is laying the groundwork for a visit to Washington by Al Sisi. With Trump's focus on defeating radical Islam he won't find a better ally in that fight than the man who bravely called out the terrorists while Obama refused to say the words "radical Islam."

The adults are back in charge and it's just in time!

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