Saturday, January 21, 2017

Vile Lefty Fantasizes About Trump Ten Year Old Son Becoming a Shooter

Assassination fantasy with a ten year old child on Inagural Day. How low can the left go?

Remember that lefties pretend they are the tolerant ones with peace and love in their hearts. Death threats for Trump supporters, even directed at a blind singer forced to withdraw from Inaugural festivities now this....
WASHINGTON TIMES: Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich is taking heat after targeting President Donald Trump’s preteen son in an Inauguration Day tweet.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” Ms. Rich, 35, wrote from her Twitter account Friday amid festivities surrounding Mr. Trump’s swearing-in.

The jab was visible on the writer’s Twitter page for around three hours Friday before Ms. Rich deleted the tweet and set her account to private.

Screenshots of the comment continued to circulate online through Saturday morning, however, spurring condemnation and calls for Ms. Rich’s termination.

“Sick jokes about a 10 year old are classless and go way too far,” opined Twitter user Parker Waters, a self-described photojournalist from New Orleans.

“If you look way, way, up, you can almost see the low road,” Toronto Star columnist Lorrie Goldstein said in a tweet of his own directed toward Ms. Rich.

Barron Trump is not homeschooled, in fact, but attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City. He and his mother, Melania Trump, are expected to stay in Manhattan until his semester ends in the spring.
Can you imagine the hell that would have descended had ANY prominent Republican said something similar about Obama's children? But then, the left never holds itself to the same standard they daily demand of others. Sick, twisted and pathetic fools!

Related: Protesters shut down free speech and hurl feces and carry sign saying "your facism is showing" without realizing the irony or hypocrisy. Brownshirts of the left continue to march!

Pop Star Madonna at Women's March: "thought about blowing up the White House!" Imagine the outrage if ANYONE famous on the GOP side had said this about Obama! Will Madonna's words inspire Trump haters already deranged from non-stop vitriol to act? Where's the accountability for Madonna and those on the left who traffic in this kind of verbal violence every single day?

Fascists! Every. Single One. Of. Them!

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