Saturday, February 04, 2017

792 Foreigners Inconvenienced by Trump Travel Limitation, while Tens of Thousands Americans Delayed by Protesters

Once again, irony is lost on the left while they put their right to be heard above the rights of American citizens!

Readers may recall last year when Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protesters blocked traffic in major cities and near Trump rallies as a form of protest. Like other left wing fascists protesting free speech they seem oblivious to the principle that liberty extends no further than the point where your rights infringe on others.

Last week they were at it again protesting Trump's temporary halt on immigration from a handful of countries. Not only did they lie about it but claiming it was a "Muslim ban" (ignoring the dozens of Muslim countries not included in the order) but they took to the nation's airports to vent their ill-informed rage. In the process they delayed or prevented tens of thousands of American citizens from getting to their destinations. THEIR action did more to deny the rights of citizens than the few hundreds who were blocked or delayed entry into the United States by the Trump order.

Protesters in Seattle Tacoma airport block travelers. Imagine trying to reach your flight through this mob!
Other airports in major cities saw similar demonstrations.

Protests Bankrolled by the Left

And if you thought these demonstrations were just spontaneous protests of citizens outraged by Trump's action to protect the homeland you would be wrong. It's all part of a well organized, well funded plan to sow dissension and anger across the country by various left wing groups, many with ties to the fascists currently rioting to block free speech!

What does it say about the left that they will protest in favor of non citizens, some of whom may be terrorists, yet not give a whit about infringing the rights of actual American citizens?

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