Thursday, February 02, 2017

Left Wing Fascist Irony: Little Difference Between Nazi Book Burners and Rioters Burning Free Speech in California

They say they are fighting Trump fascism by behaving like.... FASCISTS!

It was once like this in early 1930's Germany:

NAZI book burning in 1933. Violence was an acceptable remedy to opposing ideas.
Book burning in Nazi Germany started with the National Socialist German Students’ Association. Today, at Universities across the U.S. that spirit is alive and well as it was at the University of California at Berkley on Wednesday night:

Rioting, destroying property and setting fires to protest free speech
event by Milo, a young conservative. Hitler would have loved it!
And this is just what so many of your Muslims are doing around the world. How is this helping?

War? I thought these people were for peace? Guess not!

And if you wave the flag of an old communist empire that enslaved much of Europe and caused the death of tens of millions of it's citizens do you really think anyone will take you seriously?

Open death threats to the President of the United States. Hate speech if ever there was such a thing!

"Hate speech" is anything theseleft wing fascists don't like!

Welcome to the new radical left wing fascist party. Willing to riot, acts of violence and threats of murder and war. What lovely people. The NAZI spirit is alive and well!

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