Monday, February 27, 2017

Left Wing Nuts Suffer Grandiose Delusions. Claim to Speak "In the Name of Humanity," Call Trump "Worse than Hitler"

Something is seriously wrong with these people and you can't blame it on Trump!

Every Republican president gets tagged by the angry left as Hitler. Reagan was Hitler, Bush was Hitler. Blah, blah, blah!

At the heart of their deluded thinking is the notion that America should be a one party state with the far left in charge. Yet they don't see the irony between that desire and the real Hitler.

For another example take this angry, shrill clown who appeared on the Tucker Carlson show last week. If you haven't seen it, it's worth the viewing:

Trump worse than Hitler!

The goal of this group is to "Drive out the Trump/Pence regime." Presumably to replace it with something approved by this bunch of nuts.

They complain about Trump being in charge of America's nuclear arsenal but would you want this chick to have her finger on the nuclear trigger?

Does this idiot realize how ridiculous she is? Does she really presume to speak "in the name of humanity?" I thought ObamaCare provided mental health benefits?

The constant claim that Trump is worse than Hitler is indicative of deep seated misunderstanding of history as well as probably evidence of mental illness. And as Bill Ozanick writes at The Hill, it "says a lot more about the accuser than the accused!"

The more these kooks, clowns and freak scream about Trump the more ridiculous they appear and the more marginalized they become. And guess who benefits the most from their foolishness? TRUMP!

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