Monday, February 27, 2017

"Sacred" Earth Lovers Start Fires, Leave Garbage, Toxic Waste and Abandon Puppies At Pipeline Protest

These are the folks who claim they care about the environment?

State government finally cleared the Oceti Sakowin protest camp in North Dakota. The group set up a camp protesting an oil pipeline claiming it would soil their "sacred" Indian lands.

How sacred those lands are after the protesters left is unclear. Piles of trash litter the site along with buildings that the protesters set on fire. The sacred habitat they pledged to protect has been horribly scarred by their actions.

From the Star Tribune:
CANNON BALL, N.D. — Authorities this week cleared the last holdouts from a large Dakota Access pipeline protest camp on federal land in North Dakota, but it will be a while before the region returns to normal.
"This was beautiful North Dakota prairie in a sensitive watershed area," Gov. Doug Burgum said of the square-mile protest camp at the confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers. "It's only use prior to this was for cattle grazing."
Meanwhile, workers are racing against time to clean up hundreds of tons of debris at the camp before spring melt floodwaters wash it into the rivers. Trash and structures need to be cleared, some garbage will have to be dug up, and soil contamination from such things as fuel and human waste might also need to be removed.

"This isn't just high school kids picking up garbage in a ditch along the road," Burgum said.
Worse still, protesters abandoned dogs and puppies at the site requiring rescue:

Readers may recall the filth spawned by other left wing protests like Occupy Wall Street. Why does the media, who gives these groups so much positive coverage for their message always give the truth about these groups a pass? Answer: FAKE NEWS!

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