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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Obama's Immigration Legacy: Girls Raped, Mothers Killed After Illegals Were Set Free

Obama may be gone but Democrats in "sanctuary" cities and states continue to shelter criminals!

Rockville Maryland is a self styled "sanctuary" city in a state that is considering making itself a "sanctuary" state. That policy of indifference to immigration law came into sharp focus last week when a 14 year old student at Rockville High School was repeatedly raped orally, anally and vaginally at the school by two students, 17 and 18 who are illegal aliens, one with a pending deportation order. Details of the horrific crime are here.

The older perpetrator, who despite his age is enrolled as a freshman because of his lack of education prior to enrollement, was allowed entry into the United States under Obama's catch and release program.

It's a scene that could happen in any school as large numbers of illegal immigrants are flooding communities across the country. Most have little education and many don't speak English. They are prime candidates for gang membership and the violence that entails.

Then there the other legatees of Obama's open borders policy. Another in Texas where Armando Garcia-Ramirez, a Mexican with a long criminal rap sheet was arrested for the murder of his 15 year old girl friend who was pregnant with the couple's second child. Ramirez had been arrested for human smuggling and was twice ordered deported but the Obama Administration was seeking to grant him legal status. He murdered the girl who had earlier born him another child thus committing statutory rape.

Odd how the left wing feminist machine which constantly throws the rape accusation at every white male possible hasn't said a word about either case.

Then there's the tragic case of Sandra Duran a mother of two who was killed on her way home from church after being struck by an illegal alien, again with a long criminal history, who had been deported five times.

These scenes from just this month are a common feature though mostly ignored by the left wing media. Is it any wonder then that Democrats deny the problem? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went so far as to tell a mother grieving for her son murdered by illegal aliens that they are "law-abiding citizens" and praised sanctuary cities.

Obama and Pelosi obviously care more for the potential political benefits of enrolling millions of new voters (Many illegals are already voting, again ILLEGALLY)than they do for the safety of American citizens or the impact on our schools and communities from a flood of illiterate illegals many of whom do not even speak English.

It's worth repeating what I've said before. The singer Cher is a big Democrat booster. Perhaps she could adapt her 70's hit "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" as the new Democrat anthem!

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