Saturday, April 29, 2017

While First Lady Melania and Speaker Ryan Highlight Young Cancer Patients and Survivors, Leftist Director Whedon Mocks The Kids

If a Republican did what Whedon did he'd be out of a job!

On Friday First Lady Melania Trump dedicated a new Healing Garden at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC. She had many touching moments with the children including the following photo (more at the Daily Mail):

Across town, House Speaker Paul Ryan hosted Wisconsin teens who fought and won against childhood cancer. A photo showing him with the teens was mocked by Hollywood left wing hot shot director Josh Wheadon who trashed the teens appearance with a sexual reference:

Quite a contrast. The First Lady and the House Speaker reaching out to young people both sick and recovered while the Hollywood left can't help but show their hatred and misogyny.

Of course it's nothing new. Those on the left are immune to the speech codes they dictate for the rest of us. They are free to say whatever hateful thing they like with few, if any, consequences!

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