Monday, April 24, 2017

Obama speaks at Univ. of Chicago: No Trump Supporters Rioted or Assaulted Participants. Contrast w/ Conservatives on Campus

The left has declared that free speech is not free to conservatives and they will do ANYTHING to stop it!

So, Obama turned up Monday at the University of Chicago for a forum on civic engagement. Nothing notable about the appearance except the complete lack of any violent protest by Trump supporters.

This stands in direct contrast to the appearance of any conservative on a university campus or political events hosted by Trump supporters. Those events are increasingly marred by bloody violence directed at Trump supporters and conservatives by left wing rioters who refuse to extend the same constitutional First Amendment protections that they enjoy to those who do not share the radical views of these left wing extremists.

Left: the true fascists!

Ironically, in many of these events the left wing rioters who destroy property, start fires, physically assault and pepper spray Trump supporters or conservatives claim they are acting to counter the "fascism" of those they oppose. Lost on them is that THEIR behavior is what defines fascist movements. Obviously none of these "students" took 20th Century history or they might recall that students groups in Nazi Germany were behind the burning of books. Little different to today. Visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum page on the subject of book burning if you need a history refresher.

Justifying violence to advance a left wing ideology

At campuses across the country the violence has spread. And now, at exclusive Wellesley College in Massachusetts the student newspaper has endorsed violence against those who fail to recognize that conservative speech IS hate speech. The paper admits that the goal of Wellesley and other colleges is to indoctrinate those in their care into the proper set of beliefs. If they refuse to learn, then violence is justified:
If people are given the resources to learn and either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs, then hostility may be warranted. If people continue to support racist politicians or pay for speakers that prop up speech that will lead to the harm of others, then it is critical to take the appropriate measures to hold them accountable for their actions.
There you have it. Either submit to the indoctrination of a far left agenda and vote for left wing candidates or we'll beat you up!

Imagine for a moment if Trump supporters are engaged in the violence and open threats so prevalent today at left wing institutions across the country. Do you think the media would remain silent as they have when the left attacks free speech?

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