Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Attacks on Children are Legacy of Obama's Indifference to Spread of ISIS. the "Jay Vee Team"

Obama's rigid ideology led to spread of ISIS and current state of terrorist attacks!

When he came to office in 2009 Obama was determined to "end the war in Iraq" and set about directing the withdrawal of U.S. troops. He made no effort to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement (1,2,3) that might have retained some U.S. capability. Politifact rates this as an "Obama promise kept." After the pullout was complete Obama claimed That Iraq was "sovereign, stable and self-reliant," and called it a "moment of success."

Does anyone seriously think Obama ended the war? Instead of leaving behind the intelligence and support infrastructure that would have preserved the difficult and bloody gains made by the surge Obama pulled the plug and into that vacuum walked ISIS.

At first Obama scoffed at the advances made by ISIS. Who can forget what he said to the New Yorker in January 2014:

Obama should have been impeached for that!
One year later ISIS had undone all the work that thousands of Americans and Iraqis died to accomplish in Iraq.  At one point Baghdad was nearly surrounded. The death toll of those caught behind ISIS lines is staggering. Who can forget the scenes of mass murder carried out? Those scenes quickly spread to Syria, and to Africa. One scene at the beach in Libya of Christians being beheaded turned the Mediterranean red with blood. Prior to that Obama said that in the past Christians were just as bad.

When pressed, Obama took months to come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS. It involved self described "pin prick" airstrikes, where leaflets were often dropped in advance to warn of the bombs to come.

And while Obama dithered, across the globe the carnage spread.

ISIS growth a direct consequence of Obama's policy!
This week's attack in Manchester targeting young girls is just the latest act of barbarism. Earlier in the week reports surfaced showing ISIS beheadings of women and children in Syria. And don't forget the Yazidi women and young girls forced to become sex slaves.

In the wake of these earlier attacks the Obama Administration seemed more focused on combating Islamophobia than on protecting the American people or working to defeat ISIS. The consequences of that policy are on full display in Manchester, England where another second generation refugee from the Middle East (like the Orlando and Chattanooga killers) went on a killing spree. Response from the American left has been to thwart Trump's call to limit refugee admission from the countries most likely to breed such evil.

So, here we go again. More memorials. Piles of flowers and candles. Funerals for young girls and their mothers. At least we are rid of the idiocy Obama brought to this situation and Trump gives great hope for a new, more effective policy to deal with this evil!
Obama's "Jay Vee team" scores again!

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