Friday, May 26, 2017

Poor Dem Trump Haters. Had Such High Hopes in Montana Special Election and LOST AGAIN!

Oh the delusions of living in a bubble. Dems just can't seem to understand why REAL Americans despise them!

Results via the New York Times:

Dems hoped that news of the GOP candidate decking an obnoxious reporter would sink Gianforte. Really? In Montana, that assured the Republican of winning.

Besides, all this Dem caterwauling about Gianforte rings hollow after the assaults on Trump supporters. And next time some Dem starts whining about the lack of civility, just replay the tape of the Chairman of the Democrat Party of California leading a chant of "F#$k Trump" at an official party gathering earlier in May:

Let's not forget that Dems made keeping ObamaCare a centerpiece of their campaign. That ploy went down faster than the reporter who hit the ground!

Dems just don't seem to get the message that outside their bubble of left wing insanity REAL Americans think they are nuts.

Welcome Rep-elect Gianforte, the newest Republican in Congress. Perhaps you could give Nancy Pelosi and her vile Democrat hate squad a few lessons on civility. Do it Montana style!

UPDATE: The Dem "Resistance" Mirage

An interesting article in U.S. News and World Report describing the frustration Dems are having with the FACT they are unable to win any of these special elections.
US News: [O]bservers can be assured that if Democrats had emerged victorious in any thus far, it would've sparked a fusillade of headlines and coverage portraying a coming doomsday for the GOP.

What's true is that these early elections are showing the limits of the Democratic resistance that has bubbled up across the country and into the streets. It's proved powerful, but not transformative.
You can bet those stories describing the political demise of the GOP were already written long before ballots were cast in Montana or earlier in Georgia. And that Democrat resistance that the writer above describes as "powerful" is just a media created mirage. The American people, REAL America, as opposed do the fantasy and fever swamps of the left and their media accomplices isn't buying the hate Trump message!

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