Monday, May 29, 2017

Obama had Secret Backchannel Contact with Iran DURING the '08 Campaign. No Snowflakes Demanding Trump's Impeachment Raised an Eyebrow

What Obama did with Iran and the nuke deal was not only a sellout of the United States but our allies in the region. No one in Trump world even comes close to that!

All this blather about first Michael Flynn and then Jared Kushner and backchannels to Russia. First, there is NOTHING improper about these channels for a President-Elect or a President. And NOTHING came of those contacts. Contrast that with Obama who had a secret backchannel to Iran during the 2008 campaign before he was even elected and who also had a secret backchannel to Russia.

And what's worse is that Obama's interference in Iran meant that Iran hardened it's position in official talks with the U.S. and other allies making a real deal that would have reduced Iran's nuclear capability impossible. That's tantamount to TREASON for Obama and his backchannel!

Where's the outrage over that? Where are the calls for congressional investigations, special prosecutors and impeachment? Where's Maxine Waters?

None of that. It's just another example of whatever Republicans do must be a crime even if it's not. No matter what laws Obama and Hillary broke they will never be held to account!

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