Thursday, June 08, 2017

FBI's Comey Admits Leaking Government Docs. Will Special Prosecutor Charge Him?

Of course not! But every Trump associate WILL be held to the absolute letter of the law!

We've long known that the deep state has a cozy relationship with leakers to damage Trump. And they're not all like that fool Reality Winner, the anti-white Trump hating Iran lover who got caught transmitting top secret NSA documents. Nope, there are bigger fish in this game to bring down Trump and few bigger than Comey.

But while the idiot Reality Winner will get locked up and the key thrown away, why not investigate Comey when he ADMITS to leaking highly sensitive information as he did in his testimony on Thursday?

Why is it that Comey refused to admit that Trump was not the target of any Russian investigation because it would be inappropriate to release that information but he felt it was appropriate to leak information he hoped would be damaging to Trump?

But of course the old DC swamp will just give a Comey a wink, wink and forget all about that at the same time they will parse every word ever spoken by Trump or his associates looking to prosecute them for the most minor of process crimes if nothing else.

Trump had better wise up. It's time to fight back with ALL the power of his grass roots supporters behind him BEFORE Dems succeed in charging him or associates for what amounts to jaywalking and hounding him from office!

P.S. Meanwhile, CNN has issued a correction of one aspect of it's news reporting attacking Trump for insisting Comey had cleared him repeatedly. Unfortunately, the correction will never run with the same breathless repetition as the original charge. Plus, so much other fake news remains unchallenged on CNN. But it's a start!

No Trump Russia Collusion. For those hoping Comey's testimony would confirm their wild and unfounded fantasy about a Trump Russia collusion they were once again disappointed. Even liberal Chris Matthews admits there's "no there there." Not that it will stop the rabid fantasists from repeating their unfounded charge. That's all they have!

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