Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Politics of Hate Thrashed as Dem's "Resistance" Loses Another Special Election

Dems can't seem to grasp that REAL America doesn't buy their hateful hysteria!

Those poor Democrats. They just don't get it do they? They had their heart set on winning the Georgia House seat once held by Newt Gingrich in Tuesday's special election. They poured money into the race, massively outspending the Republican Karen Handel and most polls showed the Dem challenger Ossoff would win. Early vote totals gave Ossoff a 10,000 vote lead. But after weeks of Democrat anti-Trump hysterics and the shooting of Republican House Whip Steve Scalise the GOP base in Georgia's 6th Congressional District came out on election day to deliver another massive thumping loss to the Democrat fascist machine.

I doubt it was lost on many voters that the Democrat challenger Ossoff received more in campaign contributions from San Francisco than he did from the citizens of Georgia. Once again Democrats tried to force their radical left wing hysterics on REAL America and once again REAL America said NO!

The media was all ready to say that if Ossoff won it was a referendum on Trump. Last night in her VICTORY speech Karen Handel went along with that line. She thanked President Trump and the crowd went wild.

OK liberal media, HERE is your referendum on TRUMP:

A couple of takeaways from this and other recent special elections. First, the hysterics of the left are NOT values that mainstream REAL America relates to. As long as the Democrat Party and their candidates embrace the hysteric kook Trump haters they will lose elections for most of these middle of the road districts. Second, the Democrats large lead in early voting means the GOP still does not have the mechanics in place to match it. Third, and perhaps most important, while many of these special elections are closer than Republicans might usually expect in such districts, the Dems will not be able to massively fund every single tight race in the 2018 midterm election they way they have here. Still, Republicans cannot take anything for granted and the best thing they can do is to rally behind Trump, turn back the Democrat attack machine and pass the GOP/Trump agenda! 

Update: This headline in the NY Times says it all:

More for the photo album. Add these to the photos of Hillary supporters on election night last November. How long before these Ossoff losers blame Russia?

No doubt whose side CNN was on!

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