Saturday, June 17, 2017

Feeding the Violence: Dem Strategist Calls for Left to #HuntRepublicanCongressmen

Left looking to provoke a reaction? Careful what you wish for!

The lovers of peace and tolerance are at it again. In the wake of the attempted massacre of GOP Congressmen earlier this week a Democrat campaign strategist in New Jersey tweeted this:

Afterwards, he refused to delete the tweet or apologize. Where are the calls for civility from the usual Democrat handwringers? Silent!

But with his #HuntRepublicanCongressmen hashtag, this monster who revels in gun violence while demanding gun control unmasks many Democrats as political terrorists. And it's especially troubling since the shooter in this weeks attempted massacre had an "assassination list" of GOP congressmen among his belongings.

Democrats Feeding Frenzy of Hate and Violence

Provoking a Reaction

Democrat's vile rhetoric not only stokes hate and violence among their base, but they seek to provoke a reaction from those on the right. Remember that Democrat strategists were being PAID to send people to Trump rallies and start fights so that the media would accuse Trump supporters of being violent.

Readers may recall when a Chicago "anti-violence activist" was among the provocateurs who invaded a Trump rally and started swinging wild punches after attempting to storm the podium and seize the microphone.

Turns out, Hillary, Obama and the Dems were PAYING people to organize this violence!

Now the sewers of the Democrat fascist machine are filled with people advocating and perpetrating acts of fascist violence. Sadly, they may provoke a reaction. When they do, count on the news media to blame it all on Trump. But the truth cannot be denied. DEMOCRATS LITERALLY HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!!

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