Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Liberal Dems Want People to Ride Bikes to Save the Planet. Now Dems in Oregon Want to TAX Bikes!

Unmasked again. The left cares less about saving the planet than they do about raising taxes to buy more votes!

First we were told that people need to give up their gas guzzlers and take a bike to work. Now, the left wing do-gooders in Oregon want to tax bikes!
BikePortland publisher Jonathan Maus called it “an unprecedented step in the wrong direction.” “We are taxing the healthiest, most inexpensive, most environmentally friendly, most efficient and most economically sustainable form of transportation ever devised by the human species,” Mr. Maus said.
Next they will tell us we have to walk to work to save the planet. Will they tax walking too?

P.S. Speaking of saving the planet, name me ONE credible scientist who has ever put forward a study to show that taxing carbon will stop climate change. You can't!

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