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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Will Democrats Be Held Accountable for Supporting Black Lives Matter After A Black Policewoman Killed by Cop Hater in NYC?

Apply the same standard to Hillary or Bernie Sanders as the left does to Trump!

48-year-old mother of three Miosotis Familia was murdered as she sat in a police vehicle in the Bronx, New York on Wednesday. She was black. But there will be no angry protests in the streets shouting "black lives matter" because Familia was a New York police officer on duty killed by a cop hater.

What motivation did the shooter take from the Black Lives cop haters like the group in New York that marched chanting "what do we want? Dead cops!" That and other BLM groups across the country with the same message sowed the seeds of hate and violence.

And if Trump is constantly being warned about inciting violence by the news media what about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders embrace of the black lives matter movement? Shouldn't they be called on to denounce groups that use rhetoric like the shooter in this case and protesters across the country?

Why isn't CNN covering this? Oh, too busy threatening people on social media!
What about CNN's own coverage promoting black lives matter? Aren't they equally responsible for this atmosphere of hate and violence directed at black police officers like Familia?

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