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Thursday, July 06, 2017

CNN Undermines Free Speech and Threatens Opponents After Tracking Down Internet Satirist

The network that frets Trump may incite violence threatens to incite violence!

CNN reporters didn't seem to understand why it was a bad thing for a play in New York to assassinate a Trump look a like on stage. But when Trump tweeted a graphic showing him slamming to the ground a man with the CNN logo on his face they screamed in unison that they felt threatened and fretted the tweet might incite violence.

Apparently, that same concern for THEIR safety did not extend to the man who took credit for the graphic. CNN tracked him down and threatened to reveal his identity if he did not apologize. And made it clear that if he said anything CNN found offensive in future they would publicly out him and let the left wing fascist good squad do what they've done to Trump supporters and Republicans across the country.

With this threat: "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change," the network made it clear they will put anyone at risk if they say something that CNN does not like.

When it comes to threats, apparently CNN feels it has a monopoly. But I wonder how CNN would feel if someone on the Internet published the address and phone numbers for CNN reporters if those reporters publish stories that the person who outs them does not like? Perhaps we'll find out!

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