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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dems Defend Franken While Two More Women Report Groping. The Cover Up and Hypocrisy Continues!

Unlike the 40 year old allegations against Alabama's Roy Moore, Franken is accused of misconduct while campaigning for Senate.  Why isn't he being hounded from office by fellow Democrats?

When the decades old allegations against Roy Moore surfaced in Alabama every Republican leader insisted that Moore was "unfit" for office and should quit the Senate race. Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney set the standard:
Did you notice how quick Dems shut up about Sen. Al Franken? Either that or they set out to convince people that despite how creepy Franken is he was on the right side of the issues and therefore gets a pass. Writing at the Washington Post Kate Harding, who hates Donald Trump and would have him removed from office insists that "I’m a feminist. I study rape culture. And I don’t want Al Franken to resign." At the New York Times Michelle Goldberg takes it one step further and describes how Dems have to stick together no matter what. Besides writes Goldberg: "I was relieved that it seemed as if Franken might stick around, because I adore him as a public figure."

Yep. It's all being swept under the rug. First, Dems said Franken would be referred to the Senate Ethics Committee where the matter could be quietly and slowly dealt with giving Franken time to mount a PR campaign with the help of hypocrites like Harding and Goldberg who only seem to take sexual assault seriously if the perpetrator is a Republican. Have you heard a critical word of Al Franken from top Democrats in the last few days? None I can find.

Now, two more women have come forward to report similar allegations against Franken including one incident at an event honoring women. The Huffington Post has the story. No doubt Democrats will hope the news gets lost over the Thanksgiving holiday and if not, the feminists who are first to denounce Trump for anything and everything will leap into action once again and defend Franken.

If the party that pretends to be the champion of women took these issues seriously their leaders would be first in line to demand Franken resign from office. Instead, they are busy covering up for him. It seems women's issues are not as important as protecting a sitting Senator like Al Franken. Once again, power and politics trumps principle in the Democrat Party!

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