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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

If Russians Wanted Trump to Win Why Did They Place Facebook Ads Trashing Him After Election?

Or did Hillary and the Dems coordinate those ads with Russia?  Appoint a Special Prosecutor!

You've heard the nonsense that a handful of Facebook ads prior to the election critical of Hillary were paid for by Russians and somehow that was proof that Russia and Trump colluded to win last November.

OK, if Trump really was "Putin's Puppet" then why would the Russians then place ads on Facebook critical of Trump?

Politico has the story of the Senate hearing where internet big wigs were called to testify on the issue and revealed this information.

The entire Russia-Trump hoax was a fabrication from the get go when Hillary's campaign paid Russians through Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to deliver false information about Trump.  This latest revelation shows just how silly that fake news still is!

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