Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Obama "Diversity" Migrant Brings Death and Terror to New York

Nothing proves the danger and idiocy of Obama's open border policy better than the terror attack in New York City!

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review asks:
How many people must die before it becomes in vogue to speak that truth – that when you bring the Middle East to your shores … you bring the Middle East to your shores.
While technically not from the Middle East, the Uzbeki terrorist who killed eight people in New York and injured a dozen others came from a part of the world that is deeply stained by the blood of radical Islam. We should have known better than to give him a visa and along with that welcome in his family. But he was part of the "lottery" for green cards called "diversity visas" that was designed to make sure that we invited enough people from the world's remote trouble spots to create a terrorist fifth column in the United States. How many more of these attacks by migrants and refugees will it take before we wake up?

Democrat Chuck Schumer Sponsored Diversity Legislation.

In 1990, then Congressman Chuck Schumer sponsored the legislation which formed the basis for the Diversity Visa Program. Thinking back a few months to where now Senate Minority Leader Schumer cried because Trump was demanding more thorough vetting of refugees [video].

Uzbeki terrorist who benefited from the Diversity Visa Program sponsored by Chuck Schumer!
Schumer taking credit for diversity lottery: "As I ride my bike around New York City on the weekends I see what immigrants do for our country!"

What do you bet Senator Schumer will be skipping that bike ride this weekend!

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