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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Applying Media's Standard for Covering Trump: Thousands of NYC's Poorest Tenants Left Without Heat. Does This Prove Dems Are Racist?

If Trump were Mayor of NYC that would be the media conclusion!

Speaking of sh##les, many of New York City's poorest residents were left without heat during a recent blizzard caused by "decades of neglect" to the systems which supply heat.

If the Mayor of NYC was Trump, or any Republican, you can imagine the media outrage. If this happened to tenants in a privately owned building you can bet New York's far left Mayor DeBlasio would be calling for prosecution.

But Democrats have run this show in NYC for all those "decades of neglect" and they are never held accountable for that neglect let alone tarred and feathered as racists since most of the poor in the buildings are minorities.

Just another example among many where Dems claim to care ONLY when it can advance a political agenda.  Too bad for the poor, cold children and elderly!

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