Friday, January 26, 2018

CNN: Trump Gets Rock Star Treatment at Davos. Another Nail in Trump Hater's Coffin Who Assumed "America First" President Would Be Shunned by Global Elite

CNN's Quest:  "Davos has rarely seen anything the like before!"

The World Economic Forum at Davos Switzerland is the setting for an annual meeting of global corporate titans and world leaders. Think of it as a summit of the global elite.  These are the same people the Trump hating media would have you believe hate Trump as much as they do.  But like so much else, they were WRONG AGAIN.  Watch. It's just two minutes but what a two minutes:

In a later interview CNN's Nic Roberts Quest expanded on his theme:
QUEST: I’ve seen Vladimir Putin walk through that lobby. I have seen President Xi last year walk through it. I’ve seen Theresa May, Tony Blair, and fuh… (sputtering) almost back to Mitterrand walk through that lobby! None of them closed it down in quite the way we saw today.

ROBERTSON: It was still chockablock! It was absolutely round at the top, as people were on the stairs. It was chockablock at the bottom. Everybody wanted to get a piece of President Trump actually as he walked in here.
Trump's speech was widely admired by attendees. He makes it clear that "America First doesn't mean America alone." Unlike Obama Trump proves his plan is to lead the world to "peace and prosperity" for all!

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