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Friday, January 26, 2018

Secret FBI Texts Show the Fix Was In on Hillary Email Investigation

The same people who expressed such a deep bias against Trump were deferential, or even afraid, of Hillary Clinton.

So, more texts recovered from the corrupt FBI agents Strzok and Page. You can read the full timeline here. But like the previous text alluding to an "insurance policy" if Trump won several of the newly revealed texts stand out.

Here's one exchange:
This pair, who expressed many pro Hillary sentiments clearly did not want to give Hillary the full FBI treatment. Perhaps that's why Hillary was not under oath and that her aides were granted immunity and allowed to destroy devices which may have contained evidence. Can you imagine the howling on the left if any such consideration were given to Trump?

The more the investigation into FBI corruption proceeds the more we learn how certain agents within the FBI put their fingers on the scales of justice to protect Hillary and damage Trump.  No wonder Democrats are so desperate to keep the American people from getting the truth!

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