Friday, January 26, 2018

DACA Protesters Prove Again, No Interest in Immigration Deal Calling Trump Plan for 1.8 Million Amnesty & Path for Citizenship "White Supremacy Ransom"

Nothing but open borders and amnesty and citizenship for all will satisfy these left wing extremists!

So, Trump offers amnesty and a path for citizenship to 1.8 MILLION DACA illegals, which is over a million more than were covered by Obama's illegal Executive Order on the so-called Dreamers.

But that's not good enough for far left immigration zealots who view any deal that compromises with Trump as a bad deal.  But to go so far over the top as to call this plan "a white supremacist ransom note" is so exceedingly ridiculous it exposes the radical and extreme nature of these protest groups.

Is it any wonder even Democrats like Senator Jeanne Shaheen have suggested the "Dreamers" are actually being funded by the Russians to stir up trouble?  How about the Dems who have been so outraged over phony Trump-Russia collusion give that possibility a look? Where's the investigation?

Trump will have enough trouble getting a huge amnesty with citizenship bill through congress. But it appears he's found an ally on the left. The same people who demand amnesty for DACA are opposing the bill to do just that!

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