Saturday, January 13, 2018

Confirmed: 90% of Workers Will Get More in Paycheck Starting Feb. 1. Bad News for Dems Who STILL Deride Benefits of Trump Tax Bill

Just the beginning of a tsunami of economic good news for 2018!

90% Of Workers Likely To See More Money In Paycheck Next Month
By Jeanne Sahadi and Katie Lobosco,
CNN Money

(CNN Money) — The U.S. Treasury and the IRS on Thursday put out new guidance and withholding tables for employers that incorporate changes from the new tax law.

Under those new tables, the Treasury estimates that 90% of people who get a paycheck are likely to see more in take-home pay, as soon as February. Employers will have until Feb. 15 to incorporate the changes in their payroll systems.

No doubt Dems will continue searching for the dark cloud among all these silver linings but so far, they've come up short. Nancy Pelosi calls the current round of raises and bonuses "crumbs" which is ironic considering the $trillion Obama Stimulus passed billions to Big Labor and only left "crumbs" in the form of food stamps for regular folk.

I can't wait until the Midterm Election in November. Those seeing the Trump effect in their paychecks won't forget who put it there and who tried to stop it!

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