Saturday, January 20, 2018

Remember when Obama SPENT Money During 2013 Government Shutdown to Block Access to Parks, Memorials and Even the Ocean! But Obama Kept National Mall Open for Protest by Illegal Immigrants

Dems have a consistent pattern of putting illegals ahead of Americans!

In the 2013 government shutdown Obama purposely went out of his way, spending money during a time when government spending was severely restricted, to make the shutdown as difficult on American citizens as possible.

Roads to National Parks, memorials, even the parking lot for Mount Vernon, which is privately owned, were closed. The Obama Administration went so far as to tell fishing charters in Florida that the Florida Bay was closed to fishing and they will spend money to police the ban. One Park Ranger remarked “We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It's disgusting.”

Grocery stores on military bases were closed to military families yet Obama's favorite golf course on Andrews Air Force Base remained open.

Obama ordered that barricades (quickly termed "Barrycades") be erected around national monuments and memorials in Washington DC to block access. Extra security was hired during the shutdown to prohibit access. World War II veterans, many in wheel chairs, were blocked from visiting the newly opened World War II Memorial. But many vets didn't take that and other closures lying down. They removed the Barrycades and trotted them down to the White House where they piled them up before the gates with a new "return to sender."

Americans "Barrycaded" by Obama from DC Memorials:

A Marine veteran named Johnny "Joey" Jones who lost both legs in Afghanistan helped breach the Barrycades!

Return to Sender:

U.S. Citizens removed Obama's "Barrycades" and piled them in front of the White House with a note reading "return to sender."
Obama DID Open National Mall for Protest by ILLEGALS:

Nancy Pelosi thanked Obama for giving Illegals special permission to use the National Mall during the government shutdown.  This was at the same time American CITIZENS were denied access to memorials on the Mall.
In the 2013 shutdown Democrats showed they put illegal aliens over the rights of American citizens. They are doing the same thing this time around.  Meanwhile, Trump puts Americans FIRST!


Dem Enviros blamed GOP for shutting down parks in 2013. Now attacks GOP for keeping them open!

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