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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Roaring Approval, Crowd Cheers Trump with "USA,USA" at National Football Championship in Atlanta

While a handful of angry demented protesters stood in the rain, REAL Americans had no problem standing with President Trump for the National Anthem!

Trump front and center leads the crowd singing National Anthem in Atlanta Monday.
From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
President Donald Trump was greeted with a booming chorus of cheers mixed with some boos as he took the field Monday for the national anthem ahead of the college football title game between Georgia and Alabama. The president, flanked by military members, stood near the 40-yard line with his hand on his heart as the anthem played. Another wave of cheers and jeers followed him as he left the field.
An attendee records the scene:
Meanwhile, the usual Trump haters stood in the rain holding the usual silly signs as their snowflakes melted. After the game, the haters took to Twitter to accuse Trump again of being demented. These haters cannot accept that THEY LOST in 2016 and have moved on from the Russian silliness to now accusing Trump of dementia. Same playbook they tried against Reagan whom they never credited for the longest peacetime economic expansion in history which was achieved while Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot!

Hate is all the left has and it has destroyed their souls and ability to reason. Meanwhile, REAL AMERICA is on the cusp of an economic boom that will give working families the first real boost they have seen since Obama took office. No wonder Dems are so desperate to change the subject!

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