Saturday, January 06, 2018

Climate Lie Expose: Al Gore Once Said Warm Winters with No Snow is Proof of Climate Change. Now Says the Opposite

You really have to be a complete fool to believe anything these climate activists say!

About once each winter Al Gore and his "sky is falling" crowd show up to claim that cold weather or warm weather is proof of climate change and the only remedy is a tax and government spending on green alternatives that just happen to enrich Al and friends.

Over and over they said "snow was a thing of the past" and even scared the kiddies with an ad from an environmental group (with funding from Russia?) featuring Santa saying Christmas was canceled.

Then of course when it does snow and temperatures hit record lows they don't even giggle as they claim that somehow this too proves them right about global warming:
Of course those who are not on Al Gore's payroll and have actual experience with climate science that isn't corrupted have a different view:
It isn't just snow or no snow that Gore and friends use to pad their bankroll. If it rains too much there's Al and friends promising the end of the world if you don't put more money in their bank accounts. Same if it doesn't rain.  Ditto with hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires.

Of course they never bother to cite government statistics which show the "extreme weather" events to be entirely normal.  Investor's Business Daily did the five minutes research required and posted charts of those same government stats:

And the polar bears? They're doing just fine and so is the Arctic sea ice despite Gore and other predictions that it would be gone years ago.  

Of course we're dealing with people who have an idea of truth as relative to their political goals and not an absolute. Just as they do with Trump, lies and disinformation are all part of the plan!

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