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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Here's Russian Collusion: How Many Environmental Groups Now Opposed to Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan Took Money from Russians?

Left wing environmental groups took money from Russia to block U.S. energy independence and JOBS!

Stung by criticism of his everybody BUT America first energy policy Obama insisted in 2010 that we were "running out of places to drill" for new oil.  He followed that up a year later by placing off limits entire regions of the country where oil exploration had been previously planned.

Trump has taken Obama's boot off the throat of U.S. energy production with plans to lease oil exploration in areas that Obama once prohibited. Naturally, environmental groups who will do anything to stop all hydrocarbon development were upset and have announced plans to battle Trump over offshore leasing.

But now we have learned that Russia is funneling millions to many of those same environmental groups to oppose Trump and U.S. energy development. Oversight by members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology dug up information which indicated a "concerted effort by foreign entities to funnel millions of dollars through various non-profit entities to influence the U.S. energy market."

Questions: how many of the hate Trumpers will now call for a special investigation of Russian influence in our political process through support to left wing environmental groups? Will the left continue to stand with Russia's Putin and against American workers and energy independence?

Drill baby drill! Unless you're in Putin's pocket! Treason?

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