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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Trump Haters SO WRONG as Stock Market Rockets Forward

They won't give Trump credit for the record market but will certainly blame him when the inevitable downturn occurs!

It must be depressing to be a Trump hater these days with so much good economic news. Black Unemployment at lowest rate in 45 years. Layoffs are at a low not seen since 1990 and more companies are announcing bonuses and salary increases in the wake of President Trump's signature on the tax plan.

Now, a record run up in the Dow Jones posting 30% gains since Trump was elected and only 23 trading days since the Dow marked 24,000.  That means more money in the pockets of American workers and retirees 401k plan.

And ALL of this was exactly the opposite that was predicted by liberal economists who warned Trump's election would mean global recession.  Can you ever trust them again?

The day after Trump's election, liberal economist Paul Krugman warned the stock market would “never” recover from a Trump win. He joined a long list of left wing know-it-alls who insisted a Trump win would crash the world economy. Every single one of them was FLAT OUT WRONG.  No one need ever heed their senseless bleatings in future!

I would almost feel sorry for the Trump haters but they sold their soul to the failed economic policies of the past. After years of economic stagnation that devastated the Middle Class, America is enjoying an economic rebirth. Trump is living up to his promise to Make America Great Again. 

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