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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Surprise Surprise. Trump Tax Plan WILL Save Average Working Families Money and Dems Would Have Taken it Away

CBS News exposes the Dem's lie about the tax cuts!

It's a rare moment with the mainstream news media when they do a story that is favorable to Trump. And it's a safe bet you won't see this on CNN or MSNBC. CBS This Morning took the Trump Tax Bill to an accountant to see how three typical American families would benefit:

Reporter: So, all three families that we brought to you will all see a decrease in their taxes?

Accountant: Every single one of those families will have more money in their pocket next year.
OK, there you heard it. This wasn't on Fox News. You didn't hear it on Rush Limbaugh. It was CBS.

That leaves the Democrats opposing letting working class Americans put more money in their pocket at the same time they demanded tax cuts for the rich who will lose deductions for state and local income taxes. Voters may need reminding of the Dems treachery this fall. I'll be glad to help write the ads!

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