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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Did Obama "No Arrest" School Policy Allow Florida Shooter to Get Guns and Escape Detection?

But the left wants to blame the NRA!

So, we learn now that Broward County Florida schools were part of an Obama Administration "Promise" Program (don't you love how they hide ugly truths like violent teens or illegal "dreamers" with nice sounding words) that would prevent law enforcement from arresting teens with problems. The consequence is that Nikolas Cruz was never arrested and never put on the no gun list. That combined with the FBI ignoring warnings and the incompetence of the Broward Sheriff's Deputies raise issues of significant concern.

But let's blame the NRA and take guns away from law abiding citizens as a solution right?

Even Jake Tapper at CNN found the Obama program too much to bear in this exchange with the partisan Democrat Sheriff Israel:
TAPPER: I think there are a lot of people, sir, who think that there are a lot of mistakes, other than that one deputy. But let me ask you something else. A lot of people in the community have noted that the Broward County School Board entered into an agreement when you were sheriff in 2013 to pursue the -- quote -- "least punitive means of discipline" against students. This new policy encouraged warnings, consultations with parents and programs on conflict resolution, instead of arresting students for crimes. Were there not incidents committed by the shooter as a student had this new policy not been in place that otherwise he would have been arrested for and not able to legally buy a gun?

ISRAEL: What you're referring to is the PROMISE Program.
And it's giving the school -- the school has the ability under certain circumstances not to call the police, not to get the police involved on misdemeanor offenses and take care of it within the school. It's an excellent program. It's helping many, many people. What this program does is not put a person at 14, 15, 16 years old into the criminal justice system.

TAPPER: What if he should be in the criminal justice system? What if he does something violent to a student? What if he takes bullets to school? What if he takes knives to schools? What if he threatens the lives of fellow students?

ISRAEL: Then he goes to jail. That's not applicable in the PROMISE Program.

TAPPER: That's not what happened. But that's not what happened with the shooter.
Is this the same way school officials turned a blind eye to the thuggery of Trayvon Martin who was attempting to beat George Zimmerman to death on that pavement in Sanford Florida five years ago? The common media image used a photo of Trayvon when he was 12 and ignored the later photos of him posing with guns and smoking pot.

Yes, thank Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for neutering local law enforcement and enfeebling and corrupting the FBI.  But rather than admit those mistakes, the left wants to blame the NRA!

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