Friday, February 23, 2018

Who is Really Interested in Countering Gun Violence? Contrast CNN Gun Grabber Scream Fest with Trump Listening Session.

Trump is listening to all sides and proposing solutions. The left is engaged in yet another hate fest totally focused on politics!

Contrast this:

A Trump "listening session" at the White House where survivors and parents and family of Parkland Florida students were given the opportunity to voice their grief and their opinions on gun control.  It was an emotional, but respectful moment. And while one student's outrage was focused on the fake news (1,2) that it's possible to walk into a gun store and walk out moments later with an AR-15 rifle, his voice was heard.

With This:

The scream fest that CNN produced the same evening. The arena was set up like it was ready for a pro-wrestling smack down. That should have been a sign that CNN was more interested in ratings and emotional television than solutions. To drive that point home one of the survivors who had initially been contacted to ask questions refused to attend because CNN did not allow him to ask his question and instead wrote out a scripted question. He was told "stick to the script."

Republican Senator Marco Rubio showed up and was treated as if he had personally shot the kids in Parkland. One of the Parkland students stood on the stage and said "Senator Rubio, it’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz." Worse treatment for Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman who has jeered and called a "murderer" and needed a security escort to leave the hall.

Here's Loesch talking about the effort to keep guns away from those who would use them for harm. The crowd didn't want to hear it:

No one should have been surprised that the CNN program was a set up. They have a history of scripting events with a pro-Democrat bias.

Typical of the overheated rhetoric that is designed to inflame instead of seek solutions was this from Governor Dannel Malloy :

Trump offers solutions, not political pandering.
If Democrats are serious about doing something EFFECTIVE to combat gun violence they will drop over the top political attacks and work on solutions that all Americans can support.  We tried it their way with a ban on assault weapons which even the New York Times admits failed.  It's time to focus on the shooters, not the guns.  Or do we really want to revisit the issue when a would be shooter uses a bomb next time?

Democrats have a choice. Either confront reality and work on solutions or the death toll will continue. Whose hands have blood on them?

UPDATE: Not one but FOUR Sheriff's Deputies hid rather than confront shooter. Put that together with the multiple warnings to the FBI that were ignored and multiple visits by law enforcement to the shooter's home.  Does that make you feel better about relying on government to protect you?  Rather than deal with this the gun grabbers blame the NRA!

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