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Saturday, February 10, 2018

State Dept. Aide at Center of Steele Dossier ADMITS His Role in Wash. Post Op-Ed. Confirms what is alleged in Nunes and Grassley/Graham Memos!

What a dupe!

Writing at the Washington Post Jonathon M. Winer describes how he played a key role in passing along the highly "salacious and unverified" (former FBI Director Comey's words) garbage that went into the Steele dossier.  Winer didn't know or seem to care whether the information he passed was accurate or not.  He writes: "I am in no position to judge the accuracy of the information generated by Steele or Shearer."

Yet this information was used by top FBI and Department of Justice officials in an application before a federal judge for a warrant of the most sensitive and secret nature and it formed the basis of the entire phony Trump Russia collusion farce.

Like Steele, Blumenthal was a long time friend of Winer. Did Winer also share the extreme partisan leanings of Steele and Blumenthal and others involved such as FBI Agent Strzok? Not surprisngly, he left that information out of his op-ed. But perhaps when House and Senate committees finish their work we will find out. Or perhaps leave it to a Special Counsel to investigate just how deep this hyper-partisan rot extends into the most secret and sensitive areas of government!

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