Friday, February 02, 2018

There's Only One Reason Dems are So Desperate to Stop #ReleaseTheMemo and It Has NOTHING to do with Concerns for National Security or Reputation of the FBI

Dems are the poster children for leaking national security when it suits them and they know release of this memo will highlight just how corrupt they are!

A major Hollywood film out in the last few weeks called "The Post" chronicles the courage and determination of the so-called mainstream media to get potentially damaging classified information about a Republican Administration to the public.  The Post's rival, the New York Times, also prides itself on getting classified scoops. The NY Times repeatedly published stories revealing classified sources and methods in the wake of September 11th despite appeals by President Bush.

Democrats themselves have been big on transparency when it concerns a Republican Administration or policy.  No amount of pleading would stop them from revealing the sources and methods used to interrogate terrorists.  More recently, Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff D-CA) have demanded release of confidential interview transcripts of Fusion GPS staff.

Now Dems are falling over themselves rushing to the nearest microphone to bleat that release of the Intelligence Committee memo summarizing political corruption at the FBI and Department of Justice either reveals classified methods and sources or conversely, is an attack on law enforcement. This comes from the same folks who endorse #blacklivesmatter attacks on police.  Apparently bad cops are no longer an issue for Democrats. Hard to believe that Dems who support a group calling for dead cops are suddenly concerned with the reputation of law enforcement.

What's galling is that many Dems who are making these claims about the memo have not even bothered to read it.

So desperate are Democrats to obfuscate the issue by attacking the memo that Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that technical changes to the memo which HE requested required the memo to be withdrawn before release.

After years of ignoring national security concerns and their own attacks on law enforcement Democrat opposition to the release of this memo has exposed their blatant hypocrisy.  Worse than that, we are about to learn just how far Dems went to corrupt the FBI and Department of Justice to serve their corrupt, nakedly partisan ambitions!

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