Thursday, March 08, 2018

Report Shows Massive Russian Interference in U.S. Energy Policy. Where's the Dem Outrage? Where's the Special Prosecutor to Investigate Obama's Collusion with Putin?

Unlike the phony Trump Russia claims, there IS evidence that Obama did Putin's bidding to America's disadvantage!

Obama played into Putin's hands. Shouldn't the sign read
"stop the pipeline or the RUSSIANS will?"
Remember all the years Obama sat on approval of the Keystone pipeline despite the fact that his own State Department repeatedly found no adverse environmental impact?  Guess which world leader cheered him on and did his best to encourage opposition behind the scenes?  If you guessed Vladimir Putin you would be right. Putin used Russian social media trolling to oppose Keystone, or ANY U.S. fossil fuel development in the same way they are alleged to interfere in the U.S. election.

While the media focuses endlessly on the most minute speculation, without a shred of evidence, of Trump Russia collusion in the election, this report from the House of Representatives is almost totally ignored:

And Putin's trolls aren't just posting environmental propaganda on social media, they are PAYING U.S. environmental groups to oppose U.S. fossil fuel development. Can you imagine the coverage on CNN or MSNBC if it were CREDIBLY alleged that Trump allies were taking millions from Putin?  Yet hardly a peep when left wing groups are on the Putin payroll.

We have a Special Counsel investigating Trump without a shred of evidence of any collusion with Russia. Using that same standard, shouldn't we also investigate Obama's ties to Putin and how Obama warped U.S. energy policy to please Putin?  Maybe that was what this was about?

Don't the American people have the right to know if Obama was Putin's puppet?

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