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Blatant Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, Bigotry and Disrespect for Native Americans by Black Hebrew Israelites All Overlooked by Those Who Sought to Tar Covington Teens

All that hysteria and hate about racism and respect in false reports about CHILDREN yet no condemnation for the actions of ADULTS!

Why did those who were so quick to condemn the Covington teens on the basis of one out of context video overlook the mountain of evidence of real hate speech? Is it because this story was NOT about respect for Native Americans nor racism but just another way to hate Trump? Or do those same hysterics refuse to hold the real haters accountable because of the color of their skin?

Funny how so little was reported about the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) who started the entire sad saga of hate with their vile performance at the Lincoln Memorial. Even after their role was revealed, though not in any detail, the New York Times ran a puff piece about the group. But since facts and the truth are in short supply in this story let's document what the Black Hebrew Israelites actually said. Again, it's ALL ON TAPE should their be any question.

From Caitlan Flanagan's report in The Atlantic:
It seems that the Black Hebrew Israelites had come to the Lincoln Memorial with the express intention of verbally confronting the Native Americans, some of whom had already begun to gather as the video begins, many of them in Native dress. The Black Hebrew Israelites’ leader begins shouting at them: “Before you started worshipping totem poles, you was worshipping the true and living God. Before you became an idol worshipper, you was worshipping the true and living God. This is the reason why this land was taken away from you! Because you worship everything except the most high. You worship every creation except the Creator—and that’s what we are here to tell you to do.”
A few more people in Native costume gather, clearly stunned by his tirade. “You’re not supposed to worship eagles, buffalos, rams, all types of animals,” he calls out to them.
“You’re not an Indian. Indian means ‘savage.’ ”
All that abuse dumped on Covington teen Nick Sandmann because he "smirked" on the steps when approached by Native American activist Nathan Phillips, aka Chief Full of Bull, for being "disrepectful" yet we have it on record where the Black Hebrew Israelites called Native Americans "savages" and we don't hear a peep from the self righteous hate Trump crowd!

When the BHI started getting heat from the crowd of Native Americans they tried to deflect (must be trained by George Soros) by pointing to the Covington teens and attacking them for wearing the MAGA hats. At that point the teens began signing their school spirit songs to drown out the hate preachers. Hate Trump hysterics falsely claimed this song was to ridicule the Native Americans. As usual, they lied!

Again from The Atlantic report:
The camera turns to capture five white teenage boys, one of whom is wearing a maga hat. They are standing at a respectful distance, with their hands in their pockets, listening to this exchange with expressions of curiosity. They are there to meet their bus home.

Conor Friedersdorf: This is how the left destroys itself

“Why you not angry at them?” the Black Hebrew Israelite asks the Native American woman angrily.

“That’s right,” says one of his coreligionists, “little corny-ass Billy Bob.”

The boys don’t respond to this provocation, although one of them smiles at being called a corny-ass Billy Bob. They seem interested in what is going on, in the way that it’s interesting to listen to Hyde Park speakers.

The Native woman isn’t interested in attacking the white boys. She keeps up her argument with the Black Hebrew Israelites, and her line of reasoning is so powerful that it throws the preacher off track.

“She trying to be distracting,” one of the men says. “She trying to stop the flow.”

“You’re out of order,” the preacher tells the woman. “Where’s your husband? Let me speak to him.”
Did any of the feminists who insist Trump hates women find that objectionable? Not a peep!

Katie Herzog wrote a piece at The Stranger titled: "I Thought the MAGA Boys Were Shit-Eating Monsters. Then I Watched the Full Video." Here's her take from the full video:
The men, who looked to be in their 30s or 40s, maybe younger, were taunting the kids from Covington High. Perhaps thinking he had a message that would really resonate with kids in MAGA hats, the man who seems to be leading the group tells the kids to look up some videos on YouTube of Donald Trump kissing Rudy Giuliani. “Your president is a homosexual,” he yells out, probably, like me, expecting the kids to object.

And that is when I started to get confused because the reaction from the boys wasn’t disgust or even protest. Instead, several of them spoke out, “Who cares?” “Yeah, who cares?”

“Your president is a homosexual,” the street preacher yells back. “You give faggots rights,” and then, the crowd of MAGA hat-wearing boys actually starts booing. “The Bible condemns homosexuality,” the street preacher yells, and one of the boys calls out, “They’re still human!”
Rather than jeer agreement with the homophobic slurs by the BHI the Covington kids acted with the kind of sensitivity that would be applauded by the left were they not wearing MAGA hats. Yet, still no condemnation of the blatant homophobia of the BHI. I suppose next the Covington kids will be attacked for disrepecting the BHI by booing their hate speech!

Herzog's description continues:
They not only drag the Native Americans for "worshipping eagles" and other animals, they tell a black student from Covington High that his white friends are going to harvest his organs. “Get out,” they tell him, presumably referring to the 2017 film. “Hey!” one of the white boys says to his black classmate, “But we love you!”
And these teens expressing love for their black classmate are supposed to be racist?

Covington Teens the Real Adults

Chief Full of Bull LIED about the Covington teens. "I was scared," Phillips told CNN's Sara Sidner. "I don't like the word 'hate.' I don't like even saying it, but it was hate unbridled. It was like a storm." Yes, and YOU helped create it with your lies.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are a racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist group. Yet none of the great and good in the news media wants to call either of those parties out for their actions. Instead they trashed CHILDREN who behaved with more good sense and grace than all these other fools. And every person who attacked them and repeated the lies or overlooked the hate coming from Phillips or BHI is just as culpable. Those who ignored the hate and hated the teens are, well, HATERS and deserve no respect from anyone!

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