Saturday, January 26, 2019

Nathan Phillips LIED About Vietnam War Record and Media Barely Notices

They didn't bother to check their facts before they condemned Covington teens and they blindly accepted every word from serial liar Chief Full of Bull!

Reporters were so eager to attack CHILDREN and unleash a wave of hate and hysteria that they didn't bother nor seem to care that they were spreading a lie. It all began with a short video clip which showed Nick Sandmann, a student from Covington Catholic High School standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist banged a drum in his face.  That clip, started from a fake Twitter account from possible Russian sources got the ball rolling. Putin must be laughing his ass off at all the useful idiots who said, and STILL say, the most vile things about these children.

In subsequent reporting the account of the episode by Phillips, whom we will call Chief Full of Bull, was reported unquestionably, including descriptions of him as Vietnam veteran.  But Phillips never served in Vietnam. He left the Marine Corps as a Private after disciplinary issues (lying perhaps?) and was never deployed.  The media still refused to assign blame to Phillips suggesting it was just a mistake and that Full of Bull never lied about being in Vietnam. Except that he did. Repeatedly.  It got so bad that Washington Post reporter Dan Lamothe put this on Twitter:
More videos and postings by Full of Bull claiming "valor" for his service in Vietnam. He was actually a refrigerator technician during his time in the Marines but never overseas:
At least failed Democrat presidential candidate and ace windbag John Kerry threw away his Vietnam medals. Phillips never actually received any for Vietnam despite his claim.

The point here is that the media lionized Full of Bull and allowed him to serve as the linchpin for their credibility in a story falsely attacking CHILDREN.  Makes you wonder what else they might not be careful about checking if it sought to make Trump or his supporters look bad:
Even worse, there are people STILL lying about the Covington teens and still lying about Full of Bull. As I have said before their souls have been corrupted by lies and hate. That's all they have left!

FLASHBACK: Chief Full of Bull leads anti-American pipeline protest that destroys the land and pollutes air and water!

Front and center is the esteemed Native American Nathan Phillips, aka Chief Full of Bull leading a protest in North Dakota against the Keystone Pipeline.  Note the upside down and defaced American flag!
That protest claimed to be one in which Native Americans were protecting the land, air and water.  Instead, the turned the area of their camp into a toxic waste zone that created an environmental hazard. They even abandoned dogs and puppies!
Star Tribune: CANNON BALL, N.D. — Authorities this week cleared the last holdouts from a large Dakota Access pipeline protest camp on federal land in North Dakota, but it will be a while before the region returns to normal.
"This was beautiful North Dakota prairie in a sensitive watershed area," Gov. Doug Burgum said of the square-mile protest camp at the confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers. "It's only use prior to this was for cattle grazing."
Meanwhile, workers are racing against time to clean up hundreds of tons of debris at the camp before spring melt floodwaters wash it into the rivers. Trash and structures need to be cleared, some garbage will have to be dug up, and soil contamination from such things as fuel and human waste might also need to be removed.
Does this look like people who care about the land, air and water?

Imagine if the Covington teens went on a camping trip and left a mess like this on "sacred" land? Think the media would cover that?

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