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Monday, February 10, 2020

Democrats Very Bad Week May Be First Sip from the Bitter Cup of Defeat!

They don't seem to understand that they have only themselves to blame for the weak position they are in!

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) who took over after the seat after her husband John died was desperate to get out of Washington, DC on Friday after what she described as an awful week.
REP. DINGELL: “I want to say to you I think last two weeks have been some of the saddest I’ve seen in my professional career,” she told the host. “At the division that we even see in this Capitol dome, the State of the Union, both sides, it was just — it is supposed to be a time of coming together as Americans.”
That’s why I can’t wait to get out of this place on Friday and get home and be with real people.”
It was a terrible week for Dems. First, on Monday the Iowa Caucus disaster in which the votes still aren't counted. On Tuesday Trump's triumphant State of the Union Speech where Pelosi and the Democrats did everything but spit on the President (talk about civility Debbie). Then finally the U.S. Senate fully acquitting President Trump on impeachment after that Democrat clown show led by Rep. Adam (Trump will give Alaska back to the Russians) Schiff.

Democrats have done everything they can do to poison the well of polite political discourse in Washington and the United States. They refer to Trump and his supporters as racist, white supremacist rubes.  Then they get upset if Trump doesn't say nice things about them.

Well, their conduct is finally catching up with them.  Not only did Trump score big points in snap polls after his State of the Union address but his overall poll numbers and those of Republican candidates in the wake of Dem's impeachment disaster are also on the rise. On the broadest of terms a new Gallup poll shows 90% of Americans are happy with their personal situation. The same Gallup poll finds Trump's approval rating is higher than Obama at the same point in his presidency.  No wonder Dems are depressed.

And so, if you visited the Real Clear Politics site at the end of last week you saw one story after another describing how downcast Democrats are. A few examples:
You might expect some very critical articles from Republican columnists but about a third of the above are coming from Democrats. There may be some Kool Aid drinkers still willing to praise Pelosi and the Dems at all times but that number is shrinking as the inevitability of Trump's re-election in November begins to loom larger.

What we have seen from Democrats over the past three years is an unending campaign of hate directed at President Trump and his supporters. They have divided the nation and hoped to get away with it. But after last week it's obvious the ploy didn't work. Unfortunately for Dems they have no plan B. Hoisted on their own petard, they will go down with the ship of fools they sailed in on!

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