Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Wall Street Pete" and Amy Klobachur Surge in New Hamsphire. What's Next?

Democrat race very unstable!

New Hampshire Dem Primary
87% reporting
CandidateDelegatesVote PercentageVotes
Bernie Sanders926%73,470
Pete Buttigieg924%69,216
Amy Klobuchar620%55,982
Elizabeth Warren09%26,266
Joe Biden08%23,813
Tom Steyer04%10,138
Tulsi Gabbard03%9,255
Andrew Yang03%8,023

The big story from New Hampshire is the fall of former V.P. Joe Biden and the sudden surge of Sen. Amy Klobuchar(MN).  Also very notable is how well Pete Buttigieg, now tagged by New Hampshire Democrats as "Wall Street Pete" for his connections to big money, did in almost unseating Bernie in his neighboring state.

Wall Street Pete is riding the wave from his success in Iowa, despite the fact that the vote results have still not been announced. He's a perfect candidate for Dems. A hologram without any substance or past onto which they can project their hopes and dreams. An empty suit in the mode of Obama.

Klobachur seems to be scooping up the last remnants of Biden support and may pick up more from Elizabeth Warren who will have trouble justifying her campaign after this huge loss in her neighboring state.

Nevada Feb. 22
South Carolina Feb. 29

The Nevada Caucus with it's big Hispanic and union vote will be next followed by South Carolina with it's large black vote.  If Biden has a prayer left he will have to win South Carolina.  For all the candidates it's a question of organization, momentum and MONEY.

We don't have figures on how much candidates spent in Iowa and New Hampshire but we do know how much candidates raised and spent as of December 31, 2019.

Gulag Bernie Sanders 
Total Raised$107,916,369
Total Spent$89,743,329
Cash on Hand$18,195,708

Wall Street Pete
Total Raised$75,427,078
Total Spent$60,908,002
Cash on Hand$14,519,076

Pocahontas Warren
Total Raised$81,291,563
Total Spent$67,576,254
Cash on Hand$13,715,309

Burisma Joe Biden
Total Raised$59,545,050
Total Spent$50,601,488
Cash on Hand$8,945,814

Amy Who? Klobachur
Total Raised$28,736,113
Total Spent$23,762,532
Cash on Hand$4,973,581
Biden already has a fundraising problem and it's unlikely he will pick up new donors with his weak showing in two contests.  If he doesn't do very well in South Carolina he's finished.

Klobuchar will get a big fundraising boost after close third finish in New Hampshire.  Following the NH result her campaign announced she raised two million in just a few hours. But will she be able to raise it and spend it fast enough to be competitive in Nevada and South Carolina?  

Warren has plenty of cash left but may wish to save some to fund her private jet travel to future Pow Wows after she drops out.  I can't see her raising more at this point.

Bernie has spent a fortune. He might do well in Nevada but how many black voters in South Carolina are ready to throw in with a old white Yankee socialist?

Wall Street Pete is looking good right now. He's got the money but he won't do well with black voters in South Carolina.  Believe it or not there are a lot of homophobic Democrats!  

Both Pete and Khlobachur are positioning themselves to be the anti-Bernie.  Money won't be a problem but if those two continue to split the anti-Bernie vote then Bernie will continue to roll setting up a real problem for Dems at their convention and a bigger problem if he is the nominee.

Like a hurricane churning just offshore Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg threatens to drown the entire Dem nominating process in BILLIONS of his own money.  Won't that be fun to watch!

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