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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Senate Vote Tears Up Dems Impeachment Folly. Trump Acquitted NOT GUILTY Emerges Stronger Than Ever. Dems in Trouble

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, it was a "colossal political mistake" to engage in a phony, partisan #impeachmentfarce!

It's over. Three years of investigations with not a shred of evidence to show for any misconduct and Dems have finally reached the end of the road.  Senator Tom Tillis, Republican from North Carolina gives us the visual moment:
House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy from California followed suit:
Democrats were so foolish in pursuing what every one of them knew was a dead end. But they doubled down on stupid when Rep. Nadler accused the Senate of engaging in a coverup after refusing Republicans the right to call ANY witnesses in the House. Then compounding that when Rep. Adam Schiff told Senators they might be executed with their "heads on pikes" if they didn't vote as Trump wanted them to do. Schiff capped off his calvacade of crazy by suggesting Trump might give Alaska back to the Russians:
It's as if Democrats did everything they could to make sure Trump would be acquitted.

The backlash is only beginning:
Appalled by the farce they have witnessed, millions of former Democrats are tearing up their party membership cards as they get onboard the Trump Train for the #Trumplandslidevictory!

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