Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Radical Left Uses Taxpayer Dollars for Education to Teach Hate to School Children

Schools need to be purged of these America hating loons! 

 Imagine the reaction if a teacher put up a pro-Trump flag in her classroom. The media would demand she be fired. But there are teachers across the country who are taking taxpayer dollars and abusing their position of trust with America's children to teach those students to hate their country. 

And it's not just the classrooms, but text books and curriculums. 

Gipe says that he tries to indoctrinate them with as much as possible by “scaring the f-ck outta them,” because he only gets 180 days to “turn them into revolutionaries.”
Notice the American flag tossed into the corner while proudly displaying radical left wing banners and "fuck the police" posters. These stories pop up every day. It's no wonder public education is broken. They aren't interested in teaching pupils to read, write and do math. All these teachers do is abuse their position and push a radical, hate filled political agenda.

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