Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Had Conservatives Sat Out 2004 THIS Man Would be President

Thank You Conservative Intelligence Report!

For featuring this short video clip where John Kerry demeans the brave men and women who serve in our nation's Armed Forces. Better than any campaign advertisement, the attitudes of Democrats like Kerry remind us why GOP voters need to work even harder for Victory in the next 7 days!

And thank you CIR for bringing the statistics regarding the high quality of American military recruits to our attention.

I would just add that, we should never fail to mention that these brave men and women have VOLUNTEERED TO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY!

Here's President Bush's response to Loser Kerry. Aren't you glad THIS MAN is President?

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

Harold Ford's Girlfriend

When the Republican National Committee ran this ad about Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford (D), the usual suspects started shouting "racism" because the ad featured a blonde bimbo type saying she met Ford at a Playboy Party.
It's time to correct the record. There is no evidence "Pretty Boy" Ford, who is black, ever dated a blonde bimbo. He DID however date a young college-age girl named Julia Allison, who is a brunette. Pictured at right is Ford with Julia on a skiing trip.

Julia writes about her experience with Ford here.

The bottom line? He's a douchebag, but as Julia says " Harold's no more douchebaggy or less douchebaggy than any of the others. I make an exception for Barack Obama, whom I worship slightly (how original, I know)."

Apparently she has a thing for light skinned black politicians. Fine by me. But no racism in the ad. But making such inflammatory charges sure does help to take the attention off the bulk of the ad which described Ford's approach to taxes and national security.

Oh, and if you would like to know what kind of girls Ford likes, take a look at Julia's "Slutoween" post where she describes her costume "Trojan Magnum XL costume, CONDOM FAIRY."

Halloween: Democrat Get Out the Vote Campaign Starts In Cemetery Near You!


Dead voters continue to cast ballots in New York
October 29, 2006

...A new statewide database of registered voters contains as many as 77,000 dead people on its rolls, and as many as 2,600 of them have cast votes from the grave, according to a Poughkeepsie Journal computer-assisted analysis.

The Journal's analysis of New York's 3-month-old database is the first to determine the potential for errors and fraud in voting. It matched names, dates of birth and ZIP codes in the state's database of 11.7 million voter registration records against the same information in the Social Security Administration's "Death Master File." That database has 77 million records of deaths dating back to 1937.
- Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than 4 to 1.

Monday, October 30, 2006

News From Iraq you DIDN'T SEE on Lamestream TV

Want to know why the Senate race in New Jersey between Tom Kean, Jr. (R) and Bob Menendez(D) is so close?

Take a look at this:

And like all the other Democrats caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Menendez is still in office. No double standard???

Friday, October 27, 2006

Boo Democrats!

More at the People's Cube

Classic Bob Hope: Democrat Zombies


Mike's America
And to round out our Scary Democrats post, Gayle at My Republican Blog was kind enough to send this:

US Muslims Working for Democrat Victory in 2006


We've already posted the commentary of Michael Scheuer former CIA Director of the Bin Laden Unit who suggests that a victory for Democrats this fall is the dream of Osama bin Laden.

But what about Muslims in the United States? Do they want the Democrats to win and thereby encourage the radical Islamic fascists who are seeking to destroy the United States and our Constitutional government? Do they agree with bin Laden who wrote in his "Letter to America" that we must discard the U.S. Constitution and adopt Sharia Law?

One thing is sure, major members of Muslim groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations are supporting Democrats. Always on Watch has the story.

And Muslims in Virginia are being actively recruited to support the Senate candidacy of Jim Webb (D). One wonders how the revelations of man/boy sex and other pornographic references in Webb's book "Lost Soldiers" will sit with those who would adopt Sharia Law in the U.S. ? Not to mention Democrats who found less graphic written messages from EX Congressman Mark Foley so disturbing.

Michael Steele Fights Back Against Stem Cell Silliness

Forget for a minute that Michael J. Fox deliberately filmed ads for Democrats across the country while showing the most extreme symptoms of Parkinson disease. The real issue here is that Fox and Democrats in Missouri, Maryland and Wisconsin used the ad to accuse their political opponents of being against medical research to find a cure for Parkinson's.

Funny thing is that the ad run on Democrat Cardin's behalf in Maryland ignore the fact that Cardin voted AGAINST embryonic stem cell research.

The attempt to exploit and politicize the suffering of those afflicted by disease is one of the most venal, craven partisan acts that Democrats have used. And it's nothing new. AIDS funding, which exceeded most other federal health research grants has long been a political football for Democrats.

Michael Steele Fighting Back

The Steele campaign released the following ad today featuring Dr. Monica Turner, a Pediatrician, who has Multiple Sclerosis and is also Michael Steele's sister:

Steele has been on a roll lately in heavily Democratic Maryland. A recent poll showed him tied with Cardin. Even the Washington Post, which endorsed Cardin, acknowledged that Steele mopped up the place with Cardin in their first, and so far only debate. The results of that first matchup were so bad for Cardin, he skipped a planned second debate sponsored by the NAACP.

Steele has run a solid campaign which is humorous and tough without being mean. It's a clear mark of the man himself and a model for other GOP races.

Steele shows you can and should fight back against the outrageous attacks of Democrats and their campaign of victimology.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wave Goodbye to the Dem 2006 Election Wave

Last Sunday, I reported the first rumblings of change in the conventional wisdom that Democrats were headed for a huge win in the 2006 election campaign. With the post "Is the 2006 Election Tide About to Turn?" I suggested that the Democrat Tsunami may be nothing more than a choppy day at the beach.

And now, just a few days later, new polls indicate the positive movement that myself and others were sensing as early as last week.

Here are a few races where the evidence of a Dem wave has petered out. Source: Real Clear Politics Latest Polls. Click links for complete information.

We'll be digging into the House races next and updating the Senate as new polls come in.

One thing is clear: Dem hopes to take the Senate in a 2006 feeding frenzy are fading fast.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CIA Chief of Bin Laden Unit: Make Osama Happy: Vote for Democrats!

Michael F. Scheuer, a 22-year veteran with the CIA, created and served as the chief of the agency's Osama bin Laden unit at the Counterterrorist Center.

Another bin Laden victory
By Michael F. Scheuer
Washington Times
October 25, 2006

In a world where leading Western experts have consigned Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to near-irrelevant status, the gangly Saudi is on the verge of seeing the forces he leads and inspires knock off their third infidel government. Not bad for a guy running from rock to rock and cave to cave.

First was the defeat of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's conservative government after the Islamists' 2003 attack on Madrid's train station. Spanish voters ousted that rarity, a European leader who recognized bin Laden led much more than a criminal gang, and that Islamists would have to be confronted and smashed with a heavy, prolonged application of Western military power.
Next down the drain was the government of Thailand via last month's military coup. After the coup, rumors of deposed Premier Thaksin Shinawatra's corrupt activities spread, but at base the Thai generals seized power because of the increasing intensity of the Islamist separatist revolt in Thailand's three Muslim-dominated southern provinces. Nearly 2,000 people have died there since 2003, the central government is losing its grip in the region, and Mr. Thaksin's military response to the unrest was making little progress.

The Thai generals named a Thai Muslim as the new premier, and he has said it is time to slow military operations and talk about autonomy for the Muslim south. As always, what seems reasonable to the West and the westernized Thai will be seen by Thai Islamists and their backers as a long step toward victory that requires more military aggressiveness.

Bin Laden, his lieutenants and their allies are no doubt pleased by the destruction of the Spanish and Thai governments and the exhilarating message it sends to the worldwide Islamist movement: The infidels are weak, politically divided, terrified of using full military power and think we can be appeased. In short, war works; keep at it.
Even so, bin Laden, et. al, know the biggest prize looms just ahead — the chance that the Republican Party will be ousted from one or both houses of Congress.
If the Republicans are ousted, pundits on both sides of the aisle will find the causes strictly in America's navel.
But what will bin Laden and his Islamist allies think? Well, if Republican defeat comes to pass, they will first thank the Almighty — "Allahu Akhbar!" or "God is the greatest!" — for tangible proof of approaching victory. In Spain, Thailand, and Britain — where Prime Minister Tony Blair suffered the fate of Messrs. Aznar and Thaksin for the same reason, but is leaving gracefully — al Qaeda and its allies see politicians winning power who argue: "The military option has been tried and it has failed. We must seek other-than-martial means to defuse the Islamists' appeal and power." As in Europe and Thailand, this has been the refrain of Sens. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Rep. Jane Harman, and a swath of Republicans who value their seats more than U.S. security.

If Americans vote for what sounds like sweet reason from the Democrats, bin Laden and company will rejoice. What they will hear is the death knell for any prospect of effective U.S. military resistance to militant Islam. With the Republicans out, the Islamists will be confident that Democrats will deliver the best of both worlds: less emphasis on military force and a rigid maintenance of U.S. foreign policies that are hated with passion and near-unanimity by 1.3 billion Muslims. If Osama approved of music, he would be whistling "Happy Days Are Here Again!"

The combination of Democratic rhetoric and the indelible fact of the Clinton administration's relentless refusal to try to kill bin Laden — preferring to protect its Arab, arms-buying buddies at the cost of American corpses — ensures that voters will receive what Clinton-era Democrats are best at giving: barely disguised pacifism that has and will continue to allow al-Qaeda and its allies to steadily destroy U.S. security.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Osama Wants YOU to Vote for Democrats!

Regarding the increase of violence in Iraq:
My Word
by John Gibson
Fox News

...The Iraqis who want us out aren't stupid. They read the papers, too, and they know an election is coming and they do not want Bush and his Republicans to win. They are the "stay the course" crowd, and staying the course is not what insurgents want in Iraq. Insurgents want America to leave.
The shortest route to that outcome is the election two weeks from today.

If Democrats who hate Bush and hate the war win, the insurgents win. America will set a date to get out, and jihad will have carried the day.

It will mean the Great Satan will have been defeated and another ignominious defeat will have been brought into America's living rooms for all the world to see.

It will say to people living under tyrants in the Middle East: Settle down, there's not going to be any change here because the agent of change, America, has been beaten.

It will say to Islamists: Hey, jihad is on the march. The infidel is losing. You are winning. Be on the winning side. America, democracy, capitalism, a good life in an oil-rich Iraq, all that is loser talk. Get your nose in that Koran and learn the jihad parts especially well.

Should Americans hold Bush and the Republicans to account for the conduct of the war? Sure.

But let's not be confused about the reason for the mindless murder and violence in Iraq right now. Sure the Shia want to kill the Sunni and vice versa, and certainly there have been revenge killings galore over there for a few weeks now. But something else is at work here.

People over there have seen the America pre-election debate and they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the onrushing train of Republican defeat. That is their light and it's getting closer and closer for them everyday.

Two weeks and maybe they will know exactly when the hated Americans are going to leave, to vamoose, to beat feet, to cut and run.
"Should Americans hold Bush and the Republicans to account for the conduct of the war? Sure." But shouldn't we also hold Democrats to account for prolonging the war by inspiring the enemy???

Dick Morris: GOP Base is COMING HOME!

More good news!
By Dick Morris
New York Post
October 24, 2006

THE latest polls show something very strange and quite encouraging is happening: The Republican base seems to be coming back home. This trend, only vaguely and dimly emerging from a variety of polls, suggests that a trend may be afoot that would deny the Democrats control of the House and the Senate.

With two weeks to go, anything can happen, but it is beginning to look poss- ible that the Democratic surge in the midterm elections may fall short of control in either House.

Here's the evidence: yikes

  • Pollsters Scott Rasmussen and John Zogby both show Republican Bob Corker gaining on Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee, a must-win Senate seat for the Democrats. Zogby has Corker ahead by seven, while Rasmussen still shows a Ford edge of two points.
  • Zogby reports a "turnaround" in New Jersey's Senate race with the GOP candidate Tom Kean taking the lead, a conclusion shared by some other public polls.
  • Even though Sen. Jim Talent in Missouri is still under the magic 50 percent threshold for an incumbent, Rasmussen has him one point ahead and Zogby puts him three up. But unless he crests 50 percent, he'll probably still lose.
  • Even though he is a lost cause, both Rasmussen and Zogby show Montana's Republican Sen. Conrad Burns cutting the gap and moving up.
  • In Virginia, Republican embattled incumbent Sen. George Allen has now moved over the 50 percent threshold in his internal polls. (He'd been at 48 percent.)

Nationally, Zogby reports that the generic Democratic edge is down to four points, having been as high as nine two weeks ago.

None of these data indicates that the Republicans are out of trouble yet, but Democrats must win one of these three races: Ford in Tennessee, Menendez in New Jersey or Webb in Virginia. If not, they'll fall at least one seat short of controlling the Senate even if they succeed in knocking off all five vulnerable GOP incumbents in Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Missouri.

Why are Republican fortunes brightening?

The GOP base, alienated by the Foley scandal and the generally dismal record of this Congress, may have fast forwarded to the prospect of a Democratic victory and recoiled. They may have pondered the impact of a repeal of the Patriot Act, a ban on NSA wiretapping and a requirement of having an attorney present in terrorist questioning - and decided not to punish the country for the sins of the Republican leaders.

Bush's success in dealing with North Korea and his willingness to reassess tactics in Iraq could also play a part in the slight shift now underway.

Then, too, some in the Democratic Party must be finally realizing what a disastrous decision it was to put Howard Dean in as party chairman. The Democratic National Committee is broke and borrowing, while the GOP can afford to fund fully its key races.

Right now, we would have to say that control of Congress has gone from "lean Democrat" to a "toss-up." And that's progress for the Republicans.


When the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 12,000 ,a new record high, people thought it would drop down again when sellers took their profits. But in the first two days of this week the Dow went WOW! It added another 114 points on Monday and rose 10.97 points more on Tuesday to close at 12,127.88. Yet another record.

REUTERS headlined the story this way:
"US stocks rally on Wal-Mart's outlook."

When you go into the voting booth in less than two weeks keep in mind that the Democrat Party has set their sites on bringing Wal-Mart down for failing to unionize. Democrats will kill the golden goose for the sake of union special interests.

Republicans fight the War on Terror. Democrats fight the War on Wal-Mart.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Democrat Gives Voters the Finger

What is it with these Democrats poking their finger at us all the time? What kind of impression do you get from the following:

Iran's Ahmadinejad Claims Iran Nuke Power Increased "Ten Fold"

After watching the lame international reaction to North Korea's nuclear test can anyone be surprised by this?

Associated Press
October 23, 2006
In Tehran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country's nuclear capability has increased tenfold despite Western pressure to roll back its atomic program, which Iran insists is peaceful.

"The enemies, resorting to propaganda, want to block us from achieving (nuclear technology)," Ahmadinejad told a crowd on the southern outskirts of Tehran. "But they should know that today, the capability of our nation has multiplied tenfold over the same period last year."
Mad Ahmadinejad is thubming his nose at the world community as the toothless UN Security Council dithers over what steps to take next after Iran defied their order to stop uranium enrichment.

The statement above came three days after Mad Ahmadinejad called the U.N. Security Council and all its decisions "illegitimate."

The Significance of October 23rd

All this takes on even greater significance when Gazing at the Flag reminded Mike's America readers that today is the 23rd anniversary of the October 23, 1983 attack by a Hezbollah suicide bomber on the barracks in Beirut, Lebanon where 241 US Marines add servicemen on a peacekeeping mission were killed.

Iran was behind the attack which killed those 241 Americans.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has an excellent audio-visual presentation called: "The Beirut Story."

The servicemen who died were among the first casualties in the long war with Iran that started when "students" seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran November 4, 1979. Thank You Jimmy Carter.

Throw the Bums Out? Careful What You Wish For

Cajun Tiger found this warning from the past:

Don't Repeat Mistake of 1974
by John O'Neill
Oct 20, 2006
Human Events

Dispirited conservatives and Republicans rightfully appalled at the Cunningham, Abramoff, and Foley scandals should remember history as they contemplate not voting in the 2006 elections because of disillusionment.

In early 1973, the Dow approached new highs in a booming economy. In the 1972 election, the new left was rejected in almost every state. The Paris Peace Treaty was concluded with North Vietnam memorializing its pledge not to interfere militarily in the affairs of South Vietnam. The nation was prosperous and at peace.

Worst President

Within a short time, the mainstream media were able to dismember and destroy the Nixon Administration, using as their sword the Watergate affair. In the congressional elections of 1974, Republican candidates were pounded, losing 48 House seats and five Senate seats.

Until the 1990s, the so-called “Watergate Babies” (i.e. left-wing Democrats) ruled Congress. As its first act after the 1974 election, the new Congress cut off all aid to South Vietnam. Within a short period of time, this led to Communist conquest of all of Indochina, the massacre of at least 4 million of our friends in the killing fields of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and the displacement of millions of “boat people.”

In 1976, the left wing captured the White House with the worst President of modern times—Jimmy Carter. By 1979, the U.S. economy was in shambles with 12% inflation, 11% unemployment, and vast deficits. Our military was reduced to a shadow. With even our embassy officials held hostage in Tehran, the United States became a powerless joke to the world. It may be fairly said that but for Ronald Reagan the days of our democracy might well have been numbered by the consequences of the 1974 election.

It is not clear why the voters of 1974 thought it wise or just to indirectly cause the destruction of millions of allies in Southeast Asia because of the cover-up of a minor burglary at the Watergate. They certainly did not know that by their votes they would punish themselves severely, leaving, by the end of the Carter years, a U.S. economy that was a burned-out hulk and a nation that was humiliated.

I wonder whether history will repeat itself this year. Despite mainstream media distortion, the economy is in its strongest condition since the Reagan years with low unemployment and inflation rates and diminishing fiscal deficits. We have recovered from the implosion of the Clinton Internet bubble and the shock of Sept. 11, 2001. We have crippled al Qaeda, assembled an international coalition to deal with North Korea and made reasonable progress in defeating at least the foreign insurgency in Iraq. We have seen no terrorist attack on our heartland in more than five years.
In the spring of 1975, I watched in horror our refusal to aid our South Vietnamese friends and their collapse. I watched our friends die by the millions in the gulags of Cambodia and Laos and in frenzied attempts to escape on the high seas, and I remembered my friends, who died in Vietnam, and whose sacrifice was so casually discarded by the “Watergate Babies.” I lost faith in the United States for many years.

I wonder now if we are so blind and ignorant of history to actually allow a new crop of “Watergate Babies” to install clearly unfit leaders such as Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.), John Conyers (D.-Mich.), and impeached Alcee Hastings (D.-Fla.) as the guiding force in our nation. Considering that a Democratic win could mean the rise of John Murtha (D.-Pa.) from Abscam to majority leader, and Hastings from impeached federal judge to House Intelligence chairman, it is no exaggeration to say both parties have bad actors. The distinction is that the Democrats promote them and the Republicans fire them.

Finally, I wonder if voters (like those in 1974) are going to actually vote for the betrayal of our Iraqi and Afghan allies and the sacrifices of our troops. I wonder if our Iraq War veterans will watch the mass execution or flight of those who fought with them and believed in us. If so, history teaches us that in the end we will suffer terribly ourselves. This is particularly true here, where we face adversaries who have said they will not stop at the waters’ edge but have already reached across the ocean to destroy our nation’s largest buildings and thousands of our people.

No one who remembers the post-Vietnam and Carter years would EVER want to subject the country to such a nightmare again.

Hillary Clinton "Ugly?"

Mud in the face
Clinton foe: 'Whew' she was hideous before 'work'
New York Daily News

Hillary Clinton's Republican challenger is getting personal and it's not pretty: He says the senator used to be ugly - and speculates she got "millions of dollars" in plastic surgery.

"You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew," said John Spencer of Clinton's younger days.

"I don't know why Bill married her," he said of the Clintons, who celebrated their 31st anniversary this month. Senator_Clinton_Ugh

Noting Hillary Clinton looks much different now, he chalked it up to "millions of dollars" of "work" - plastic surgery.

Spencer is said to have made the remarks to a "reporter seated beside him and his wife, Kathy, on the 10:30 a.m. JetBlue flight Friday to Rochester, the site of the race's first debate."

Spencer is denying saying any such thing. Can you imagine a candidate would be THAT stupid to say such a thing to a reporter? Come on! I smell another Dem dirty trick.

But keep in mind the photo of Hillary taken shortly after she took up her duties as a U.S. Senator. Sure needed some work done in that photo.

Democrats: Get Ready for the REALITY WAVE

Parties working to win the turnout battle
By Donald Lambro
The Washington Times
October 23, 2006

...At this stage of the game, turnout specialists say the Republicans might have the edge in the sheer numbers of volunteers and a more sophisticated, computerized ground operation, which held off a fierce Democratic offensive in 2004.
"It's a great, sustaining grass-roots operation with a large degree of centralized direction, and Democrats have not done that. It's very sophisticated," said Curtis Gans, a veteran voter turnout specialist who heads American University's Center for the Study of the American Electorate.

Mr. Gans' praise for the organization built by Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman is privately echoed by some in the Democratic camp.
"We're not going to match the Republicans at their ground game," a senior Democrat involved in party turnout told The Washington Times, acknowledging that Democrats this year "started too late."

That's not the case with the Republican Party's turnout operation, which has built its voter lists and volunteer ground force since 2004 and has been sending weekly voter-contact reports from the precinct level up the political chain of command. Those reports eventually reach the RNC's "turnout war room."

"Republican volunteers have contacted more than 14 million voters this year and more than 7 million since Labor Day alone," Mr. Mehlman said. "We have made 1 million voter contacts every week for the past five weeks, and for six weeks, we have surpassed the number of contacts we made at comparable times in 2004, a presidential election year."

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean, who sent paid DNC organizers to all 50 states, has been "playing catch-up," a Democratic campaign official said. But the party's turnout efforts -- which depend more heavily on paid workers, union members and other groups -- have been more extensive in recent months.

Notice the contrast between Republican volunteer based networks and paid Democrat operatives. Sound familiar?

I started Mike's America in November 2004 a few weeks after the re-election of President George W. Bush. One of my first posts (seventh to be exact) was titled "Bush WON Ohio." It was in response to a New York Times article that was dissecting the reasons John Kerry LOST Ohio. Kerry didn't LOSE Ohio, President Bush WON Ohio.

I was in Ohio a few weeks before the 2004 election and as described in the post, I saw people driving cars with out of state license plates with "Kerry for President" bumper stickers going through my hometown. They were there to put up yard signs and do door to door voter contacts.

Now, if some smelly hippie shows up at your door late at night and asks you to vote for Kerry, you'd probably just agree so he would go away and not attack you. But then you turn around and your friend Joe from church or your civic club asks you to vote for Bush you're more likely to be honest in whether you agree or not.

That's what happened in Ohio in 2004 and that's what is happening this year in Ohio and Missouri, and Pennsylvania, and Virginia and Tennessee and..and...and...

If anything the strength of the Rove/Mehlman machine has grown over the years. Democrats may be in for a surprise on November 7th. And you can expect them to start whining about it immediately.

Each of us can do our part. Contact friends and family and urge them to vote. Help them get absentee ballots and get them returned well before election day if they are less likely to vote on their own.

Just remember: We cannot be defeated by our opponents. We can only defeat ourselves.

Whose Side are Democrats On? Some History

KGB Letter Outlines Sen. Kennedy's Overtures to Soviets, Prof Says
By Kevin Mooney
October 20, 2006

The antipathy that congressional Democrats have today toward President George W. Bush is reminiscent of their distrust of President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War, a political science professor says.

"We see some of the same sentiments today, in that some Democrats see the Republican president as being a threat and the true obstacle to peace, instead of seeing our enemies as the true danger," said Paul Kengor, a political science professor at Grove City College and the author of new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism."

In his book, which came out this week, Kengor focuses on a KGB letter written at the height of the Cold War that shows that Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) offered to assist Soviet leaders in formulating a public relations strategy to counter President Reagan's foreign policy and to complicate his re-election efforts.

The letter, dated May 14, 1983, was sent from the head of the KGB to Yuri Andropov, who was then General Secretary of the Soviet Union's Communist Party.

In his letter, KGB head Viktor Chebrikov offered Andropov his interpretation of Kennedy's offer. Former U.S. Sen. John Tunney (D-Calif.) had traveled to Moscow on behalf of Kennedy to seek out a partnership with Andropov and other Soviet officials, Kengor claims in his book.

At one point after President Reagan left office, Tunney acknowledged that he had played the role of intermediary, not only for Kennedy but for other U.S. senators, Kengor said. Moreover, Tunney told the London Times that he had made 15 separate trips to Moscow.

"There's a lot more to be found here," Kengor told Cybercast News Service. "This was a shocking revelation."

It is not evident with whom Tunney actually met in Moscow. But the letter does say that Sen. Kennedy directed Tunney to reach out to "confidential contacts" so Andropov could be alerted to the senator's proposals.

Specifically, Kennedy proposed that Andropov make a direct appeal to the American people in a series of television interviews that would be organized in August and September of 1983, according to the letter.

"Tunney told his contacts that Kennedy was very troubled about the decline in U.S -Soviet relations under Reagan," Kengor said. "But Kennedy attributed this decline to Reagan, not to the Soviets. In one of the most striking parts of this letter, Kennedy is said to be very impressed with Andropov and other Soviet leaders."

In Kennedy's view, the main reason for the antagonism between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1980s was Reagan's unwillingness to yield on plans to deploy middle-range nuclear missiles in Western Europe, the KGB chief wrote in his letter.

"Kennedy was afraid that Reagan was leading the world into a nuclear war," Kengor said. "He hoped to counter Reagan's polices, and by extension hurt his re-election prospects."

As a prelude to the public relations strategy Kennedy hoped to facilitate on behalf of the Soviets, Kengor said, the Massachusetts senator had also proposed meeting with Andropov in Moscow -- to discuss the challenges associated with disarmament.

In his appeal, Kennedy indicated he would like to have Sen. Mark Hatfield (R-Ore.) accompany him on such a trip. The two senators had worked together on nuclear freeze proposals.

But Kennedy's attempt to partner with high-level Soviet officials never materialized. Andropov died after a brief time in office and was succeeded by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Had Kennedy been succesful in neutering President Reagan's strategy for victory in the Cold War, the nuclear stalemate, the Berlin Wall and the imprisonment of millions in Eastern Europe would still haunt us.

Instead of uniting with the constitutionally elected leadership of the United States to work for common goals, Democrats like Kennedy engaged in behavior that borders on treason.

History repeats itself today.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Is the 2006 Election Tide About to Turn?

We're being told that there is potentially a massive tidal wave of discontent with conservatives and the Republican Party which will wash over the political landscape like the Tsunami of 1994 and sweep Republicans out of power and hand control in the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate over to the Democrats.

Yet, there is one thing that coastal dwellers like myself realize. Tides come in and they also go out.

The question now is whether the tide which currently shows Democrats seizing control of the Legislative Branch of government is still growing or about to ebb and begin receding?

The mainstream media would have you believe that the wave is unstoppable and like a Tsunami, whose initial wave is followed by waves of increasing size, can only grow. They've been running that story now ever since the politically timed Mark Foley Scandal broke.

And in the past week, they sought to weave together the tidal wave for change and scandalmongering with an assertion that the GOP conservative base, and particularly "values voters" in the religious right might desert the GOP in this critical year.

Never mind that the reporters who suggest such nonsense have never been inside a Christian fundamentalist church. They probably have the same Democrat source who leaked the Foley messages telling them it is so. It's difficult if not impossible for any self-identified member of the "religious right" to not vote and watch the ACLU's allies in the Democrat Party take the country further down a road where Christianity is marginalized, prayer not allowed in public schools, but school children can receive abortions on demand.

Then there are the other stories, again from dubious sources, that there are conservatives so fed up with the lack of progress on conservative issues like immigration, government spending and tax policy that they will sit this one out and hand the reigns over to the folks who advocate open borders, massive new federal programs and repeal of all tax cuts. Again, if anyone claims to be part of that group, check his or her voting record. I'm not buying it.

The Good News:

If we really are in a political Tsunami where the right is demoralized and the left energized, then why are President Bush, Karl Rove and GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman talking about holding both the House and Senate? If it's all just morale boosting bravado, they will look like fools on Election Day. Or do they know something we don't know?

Bush, Rove and Mehlman DO know something we don't, but not because it's a secret, but because the media won't tell you.

You've probably already heard that the leading historical indicators as measured by polls suggest that most people think the war in Iraq is a mistake, the country is headed in the wrong direction and most people are planning to vote for Democrats this year. Real Clear Politics keeps a running summary of all these indicators.

And you may have advanced a bit further down the information superhighway and read the few reported stories of how many of these polls have a significantly higher sampling of Democrats, than Republicans. Pollster David Winston released a study last week showing that the standard model for party identification in polling is off in many of this year's polls ranging in amounts from 1-5% over polling from previous years.

Don't forget it was just two years ago that flawed exit polls showed Kerry winning the 2004 presidential election. Polls aren't perfect.

Put aside, for the moment, the problem with Dem oversampling and question bias in polls. Look instead at the specific question of voter enthusiasm between the two parties. GOP Chairman Mehlman released a report last week citing various polls which show that enthusiasm, energy and intensity between the two parties was fairly evenly matched.

Mehlman goes on to point out that: "Despite the media hype, an examination of all the facts makes it clear: the Republican base is active and engaged. No matter how you measure it, whether by record-breaking fundraising, unprecedented volunteerism, or scientific polling, the numbers show that Republicans understand the importance of the choice we all face on November 7. "

You didn't read that in your local newspaper or hear about it on CNN did you? It doesn't quite fit the story line that the GOP is going down to defeat.

Money: The Mother's Milk of Politics. And the GOP Has the Advantage.

Barron's Magazine made quite a splash over the weekend with a story titled "Survivor! The GOP Victory" by Jim McTague who predicts that Republicans will maintain control of both the House and Senate based on an analysis of each candidates ability to raise money in his or her district. In 2004, his predictions for both the House and Senate were remarkably accurate.

The following are a few predictions from McTague's report:

While McTague warns that this method is less reliable for predicting Senate races as it is with House races he goes on to predict that Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania, perhaps the most embattled GOP Senator this cycle will pull off a victory.

If readers are interested in testing this method in races of particular interest, OpenSecrets.Org has a state by state online database. From a summary page for the races in each state click on the individual race or district. Look especially at the category for individual contributions. It would be even more meaningful if the database showed us individual contributions broken down by in district/state and out of district/state contributions. It's important to note that many Democrats are relying on out of state donations from big money socialists like George Soros and friends.

Using this method, I looked at the details for the Virginia senate race between George Allen and James Webb. As of the 9/30/2006 financial report Allen raised a total of $14,845,295 with $10,241,914 coming from individuals. Webb raised a total of $4,484,395 with $4,022,376 from individuals. Webb had a higher percentage of individual contributions, but Allen raised significantly more than twice as much in that category.

More Pieces of the Election Puzzle Fall Into Place This Week

Early voting begins in Florida on Monday; soon to be followed by other states. Reading the tea leaves from early voting turnout in those states may give an indicator whether the Dem wave is nothing more than a wash.

Already we are getting hints that GOP efforts to provide absentee ballots is paying off. A report from Colorado shows that absentee ballot requests are way up. If that holds true in other states, we can toss the media generated line that Republicans aren't going to vote out the window.

As the hype over the Mark Foley story subsided,voters across the country began to focus on serious issues. Many races where Republicans were trailing badly began to tighten. The differences in all but a few are in single digits. Considering the margin of error and the built in bias of some polls things may be even closer than they appear.

This week should see an influx of new polls in specific races across the country. Here at Mike's America we'll be watching with anticipation to see if the tide has turned.

Also posted at the Wide Awakes.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Look Up Scandal in the Dictionary: You'll See Harry Reid's Picture

The Harry Reid scandal: More lapses
Pittsburgh Tribune Review ,Editorial
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Forgive us for using the name "Harry Reid" and "ethics" in the same sentence. But it's the only way we can address the former's lack of the latter -- for the second time in four days.

On Sunday we editorialized on the Senate minority leader's smarmy Las Vegas land deal in which he pocketed a cool $1. 1 million for the sale of property he hadn't personally owned for years. Mr. Reid will be "amending" his financial disclosure forms, don't you know.

Now comes word that Mr. Reid illegally has been using campaign money to mete out Christmas bonuses for staffers at his tony Ritz-Carlton condo. He calls it a "clerical error," don't you know.

These aren't the first ethics questions for Harry Reid, always quick out of the starting blocks to offer sound bites about the Republicans' "culture of corruption. " The Los Angeles Times and New York Post have reported on another questionable Nevada land deal.

Oh, and Reid implies that The Associated Press, which broke the latest stories, somehow is working in concert with Republicans. The Associated Democrat Press? Please.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: "We must hold a man amenable to reason for the choice of his daily craft or profession. It is not an excuse any longer for his deeds, that they are the custom of his trade. What business has he with an evil trade? "

Well, Harry Reid, what's your answer?

Here's More Harry --

Orlando Sentinel, OpinionTuesday, October 17, 2006
Our position: The Democratic leader's ethical breach deserves a U. S. Senate probe.
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada has been one of his party's most aggressive stone throwers in the rhetorical battle over scandals in Washington. He needs to spend more time tending to his own glass house.

Allentown Morning Call, OpinionMonday, October 16, 2006
What was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid thinking when he gave an inaccurate accounting to Congress about a 2001 property transfer that later resulted in a $1. 1 million sale and a $700,000 profit? The Nevada Democrat has been out front pointing fingers at Republicans for ethical breaches, including the scandals of lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Rep. Mark Foley, even as he was involved in a series of shady decisions himself.

Las Vegas Review-Journal, Opinion Sunday, October 15, 2006
Sen. Reid on the hot seat
All this raises the question: How does a savvy political operative such as Sen. Reid make a bush-league error and find himself ankle deep in the manure pit? For the past few years, Sen. Reid has been railing about a Republican "culture of corruption" -- and has eagerly sought to exploit the Foley mess for his party's political gain. Oops.

Perhaps after Sen. Reid scrapes the dung off his shoes, he'll tend to the egg on his face.

Washington Post, Opinion Friday, October 13, 2006
Mr. Reid's Nondisclosure
"Everything I did was transparent," Mr. Reid said at a news conference Wednesday, after the story broke. "Everything is fully disclosed to the ethics committee and everyone else. As I said, if there is some technical change that the ethics committee wants, I'll be happy to do that. "

Mr. Reid's professions of transparency and full disclosure are transparently wrong. His investment was not reported in a manner that made clear his partnership with Mr. Brown.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Fri, Oct. 13, 2006
Practice what you preach
So the Senate Democratic leader engaged in a seven-figure handshake and didn't feel the need to disclose all the details...."Americans have been shocked and even disgusted by revelations of corruption in our current system by Republican lobbyists, senior Bush Administration officials, members of Congress, and former congressional staff," Reid said in March. "The scandals have shown that some outsiders and insiders believed they could act with impunity."

That's how this case looks, too. Unless Reid comes up with a better explanation for this lack of disclosure, Democrats should not keep him as their leader in the new Congress in 2007.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Democrats Gather for Get Out the Vote Drive

Soon to blanket the nation with more silly slogans, silly signs and silly TV ads, Democrats gathered this week to prepare for the final big push in the 2006 campaign. Here are a few photos:



September 11th Victim Remains Found at Ground Zero

Another sad reminder of the day America was attacked:

Human remains found at Ground Zero
The Daily Telegraph
October 21, 2006 12:00

AAACross1CONSTRUCTION workers tearing up a temporary roadway at Ground Zero have made an astounding discovery - at least a dozen human remains and two wallets belonging to September 11 victims.

The area at the northwest edge of the World Trade Centre disaster site was supposed to have been searched long ago - and the Fire Department of New York, which had supervised the vast recovery operation, could offer no explanation yesterday.
Even more stunned by the discovery of the remains - including large, partially intact arms and legs - were victims' relatives, for whom the land where the twin towers once stood is sacred ground.

As workers in hazardous-material suits examined the bones at a station owned by the Consolidated Edison energy company 1.5km from Ground Zero, Charles Wolf rushed to the unsettling scene, hoping that the remains of his 40-year-old wife Katherine had been found. giuliani

"We've got family members here who are aching inside because of this and they can't believe that after all the promises that were made, we're still finding things," Mr Wolf, 52, said.

Five years after 2749 people were killed in the attacks, the remains of about 1150 victims still have not been identified.

The grisly find was made at street level on Thursday morning, local time, behind where a podium is set up on September 11 anniversaries to allow victims' families to read the names of the lost.

The area also had been used as a temporary road so cranes could access the site.

Utility workers began ripping up the asphalt on Wednesday to excavate a manhole and feeder cable that have sat dormant since September 11.
The crew pumped dirt out of the manhole and hauled it back to a Consolidated Edison yard.

It wasn't until Thursday morning that Con Ed workers stumbled across the human remains inside a gigantic, underground junction box, Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman said.

At least three body parts had not decomposed entirely. The utility workers took the remains to the yard and then called the medical examiner.
It's a sad reminder that so many families have been denied even the emotional closure of a body of a loved one to bury. And a sad reminder of families whose hearts ache with the loss of those loved ones every singe day.

And unfortunately, in a political season, it's a sad reminder that we have some people more interested in extending constitutional protections to the men who plotted and planned these attacks than in protecting the civil right to life of the survivors and justice for the victims.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

North Korea "Sorry" For Nuke Tests, Will Return to Talks IF....

Associated Press:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il expressed regret about his country's nuclear test to a Chinese delegation and said Pyongyang would return to international nuclear talks if Washington backs off a campaign to financially isolate the country, a South Korean newspaper reported Friday.

"If the U.S. makes a concession to some degree, we will also make a concession to some degree, whether it be bilateral talks or six-party talks," Kim was quoted as telling a Chinese envoy, the mass- circulation Chosun Ilbo reported, citing a diplomatic source in China.

Kim told the Chinese delegation that "he is sorry about the nuclear test," the newspaper reported.

The delegation led by State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan met Kim on Thursday and returned to Beijing later that day _ ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's arrival in the Chinese capital Friday. China is viewed as a key nation in efforts to persuade the North to disarm, as it is the isolated communist nation's main trading partner.

North Korea has long insisted that the U.S. desist from a campaign to sever its ties to the international financial system. Washington accuses Pyongyang of complicity in counterfeiting and money laundering to sell weapons of mass destruction.

The North Koreans are still pushing for direct talks between the U.S. and North Korea that would shut out the other four nations in the six party process. And renewed demands that the U.S. no longer punish North Korea for massive and continuing counterfeiting of U.S. $100 bills.

How long will it be before the appeasers in the Democrat Party demand we dump our allies in the six party talks and give up protecting US currency?

Democrats Live in Glass Houses

This is an excerpt from the Mike's America roundup of phony scandals and media generated hysterics we reported in January. It highlights the Democrat members of the Senate who took money from Jack Abramoff's lobbying firm and his clients.

Funny how with one hand, Democrats are engaged in another round of one way fingerpointing while their other hand is deep in the same cookie jar!

Below is a breakdown of how much each Democrat Senator received:

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) Received At Least $22,500
Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN)
Received At Least $6,500
Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE)
Received At Least $1,250
Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
Received At Least $2,000
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Received At Least $20,250
Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
Received At Least $21,765
Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)
Received At Least $7,500
Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
Received At Least $12,950
Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)
Received At Least $8,000
Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ)
Received At Least $7,500
Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT)
Received At Least $14,792
Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND)
Received At Least $79,300
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Received At Least $14,000
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
Received At Least $2,000
Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)
Received At Least $1,250
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA)
Received At Least $45,750
Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI)
Received At Least $9,000
Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT)
Received At Least $2,000
Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)
Received At Least $14,250
Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)
Received At Least $3,300
Senator John Kerry (D-MA)
Received At Least $98,550
Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)
Received At Least $28,000
Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT)
Received At Least $4,000
Senator Carl Levin (D-MI)
Received At Least $6,000
Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT)
Received At Least $29,830
Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)
Received At Least $14,891
Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)
Received At Least $10,550
Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)
Received At Least $78,991
Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)
Received At Least $20,168
Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)
Received At Least $5,200
Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
Received At Least $7,500
Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR)
Received At Least $2,300
Senator Jack Reed (D-RI)
Received At Least $3,500
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
Received At Least $68,941
Senator John Rockefeller (D-WV)
Received At Least $4,000
Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO)
Received At Least $4,500
Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD)
Received At Least $4,300
Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
Received At Least $29,550
Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)
Received At Least $6,250
Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)
Received At Least $6,250

Dow Ends Above 12,000 for the First Time

My Way News - Dow Ends Above 12,000 for the First Time: "The stock market's most prominent benchmark ended the day at 12,011.73, the ninth time in just over two weeks that the Dow has achieved a record high close. The record came one day after the index of 30 blue chip stocks made its first foray past 12,000."

Save American Lives: Vote Republican!

Sensible Fear Vs. Foolish Fears

The rabbits have already come out of their hidey-holes to shout their accusations of "fearmongering" in response to this ad by the Republican National Committee.

But let's take a look at the fears that embed every layer of the nervous rabbits and delusionists in denial who populate the Democrat Party. As Rosie O'Donnell illustrated so well in her rant on The View, They're more afraid of American Christians, than they are by the threat from Islamic terrorism.

Fear can be a good motivator if it causes you to be cautious and wary concerning REAL threats to your life and safety. Fear can be a debilitating handicap, and a danger to protecting your life and safety if the foundation of your fear is false.

Recognize which fears are real and which are false. Protect your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Vote Republican.

Naughty Nancy: Friend to Unions and the Environment? Sure, But Not With HER Money

anim_Pelosi_spazYou know how Dems condemn Wal-Mart for not being unionized. Well you would think that senior leaders in the Democrat Party in their own business dealings would be out front supporting union rights as well as environmentally sound business practices.

Well, that's what Democrats want YOU and ME to do... But as usual, they exempt themselves from the rules and standards, not to mention ethics, that they apply to the rest of us.

And you won't find a better example of Dem hypocrisy on these issues than Nancy Pelosi:

Do As I Say....
By Peter Schweizer
FrontPageMagazine.com April 26, 2006

...We also have people like Hillary Clinton, Barbara Streisand or Nancy Pelosi. Some of these people on the liberal left actually are in positions of power and authority. When it comes to debating them and arguing with them, you probably have had the same experience I have, and that is that oftentimes people on the liberal left pose as our moral superiors.

In other words, when you end up debating an issue, the issue no longer becomes whether the policy makes sense. The issue becomes, Who is more morally clean? Who is superior in moral terms? For example, if you oppose their economic agenda, you’re greedy! It’s the end of the debate. If it is a question of their environmental agenda, and you oppose it, you are a polluter. When it comes to the issue of labor unions, if you don’t support the agenda of labor unions, you are heartless—end of discussion. And of course, if you oppose affirmative action quotas, you are a racist and a bigot.
I have another section I like to call, “Workers of the World Unite Somewhere Else.” This is where we find Nancy Pelosi—Democrat leader in the House, the best friend of labor unions you can imagine. She says that labor unions are vital to negotiating good wages and working conditions. She won the Cesar Chavez award from the United Farmworkers Union in 2003. Remember that, the United Farmworkers Union. She is the top recipient of PAC contributions from the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union.

What’s interesting about that is, there were several strikes a few years ago in San Francisco, where she came down strongly on the side of the hotel employees and restaurant employees union and campaigned aggressively for them against other hotels. Of course she is the most reliable vote in Congress for organized labor.

What’s interesting about Nancy Pelosi is that she and her husband not only are very influential in the Democrat Party, they’re very wealthy. With Nancy Pelosi, her commitment to organized labor essentially ends when it comes to her own businesses. Nancy Pelosi and her husband own a Napa Valley vineyard that’s worth about $25 million. They grow very expensive grapes for very expensive wines, and they don’t use members of the United Farm Workers to pick their grapes. This winner of the Cesar Chavez award hires only hire non-union contractors.

There are plenty of union contractors in Napa Valley and there are other wineries that use them, its’ just that the Pelosis don’t have happen to among them. They also sell their grapes to non-union wineries. They recently held investments in two other wine businesses that were also strictly non-union.

But it gets even worse than that. Nancy Pelosi and her husband also own a chain of restaurants and a hotel in Napa Valley, California. Despite her public commitment to the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union, you better not join that union and work for the Pelosis, because you will end up getting fired. For example, they are partners in a hotel with 250 employees, which is strictly non-union. They are among the very few owners of Piati, a chain of Italian restaurants with 900 employees. Again, if you try to join the union when you work for the Pelosis in their restaurant, you will be fired.

One other issue for Nancy Pelosi. I hate to pick on her, but it’s just so inviting. As they say in the military, it’s a target-rich environment. With Nancy Pelosi, another big issue is the environment. She always makes statements that, with us, the environment is not an issue, it’s an ethic, it’s a value. Which is a nice way of saying, “I love the environment, but not when it comes to our own businesses.” A lot of people don’t realize that, in 1996, Nancy Pelosi and her husband and fewer than 10 other partners wanted to build a golf course and country club outside of San Jose, California, called the CordeValle Country Club. In order to get approval to build on these 275 acres, they had to comply with some very stringent county environmental regulations. Now the California tiger salamander and the Western pond turtle are apparently endangered species and they’re very, very common on these 275 acres that the Pelosis wanted to develop.

So the agreement they struck with local regulators was, we’ll build the golf course, we’ll set up some holding ponds and we’ll create a natural habitat to make sure that these environmental endangered species survive.

Of course, they built the golf course. It opened in 2000. If you want to join, the membership is $250,000. But they never followed the environmental regulations. The ponds were never built for these endangered species. For seven years, they also failed to file any of the environmental reports required by the California Fish and Wildlife Commission. A 2004 County Environmental Compliance Report found all kinds of environmental problems on the Pelosis’ golf course.

Remember with Nancy her commitment to the environment is not just an issue, it’s an ethic and a value. What does that actually mean in practical terms? Did they turn around and build this habitat and comply? No, they solved the problem the old-fashioned way: they hired lobbyists and they got the environmental regulations changed. So if you go to the CordeValle Country Club today and play golf, it’s a wonderful course, but there will be no holding ponds. There will be no endangered species and the Pelosis seem to be quite happy with that.

And let's not forget that Tom Delay was indicted for alleged campaign fundraising and driven out of Congress. Yet,Pelosi is fined $21,000 as part of a plea deal with the Federal Election Commission for setting up a dummy political action committee (PAC) to skirt the law on donation limits. Was she ever asked to step down from her Leadership position while the investigation unfolded? Hell no! As usual, standards of behavior and ethics are ONLY applied to Republicans.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Bad News for Democrats as Dow Jones Breaks Records All Week

Bad news for Democrats:

  • Over The First Half Of This Year, Our Economy Grew At A Strong 4.1 Percent Annual Rate Faster Than Any Other Major Industrialized Country.
  • Nominal Wage Growth Has Been 4.1 Percent So Far This Year. This is better or comparable to its 1990's peaks. Over the first half of 2006, employee compensation per hour grew at a 6.3 percent annual rate adjusted for inflation.
  • Real After-Tax Income Has Risen 15.0 Percent Since January 2001. Real after-tax income per person has risen by 9 percent since January 2001.
  • Productivity Has Grown A Strong 2.5 Percent Over The Past Four Quarters, Well Ahead Of Average Productivity Growth In The Last Three Decades. Strong productivity growth helps lead to GDP growth, higher real wages, and stronger corporate profits.
  • Gas Prices Have Fallen 74 Cents Nationwide Since Early August.
  • Employment Increased In 48 States Over The Past 12 Months Ending In August.
  • The Dow Set Record Highs On Three Consecutive Days This Week.

Our economy is doing better than any other major industrialized nation whose governments have more in common with the policies of today's Democrats than those put forward by President Bush and enacted by the GOP House of Representatives.

Do you really want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs this November?

The Woman Who Would Be Speaker: America's Values?


Nancy Pelosi, the Congresswoman from San Francisco is the woman who would become Speaker of the House of Representatives if Democrats take control of that legislative chamber this fall.

But who is she? Rather than have me tell you, her votes speak for themselves:

  • Nancy Pelosi voted against every Republican tax cut. She voted for the largest tax increase in history.Pelosi2
  • Nancy Pelosi voted 19 times against eliminating the death tax.
  • Nancy Pelosi voted five times for raising gasoline taxes.
  • Nancy Pelosi is so pro-high taxes she was one of only 27 members to vote against tax relief for poor neighborhoods in the inner city (presumably including her constituents in San Francisco).
  • On July 31, 1996, Pelosi voted against the historic Welfare Reform Bill and later voted against its reauthorization;
  • On July 19, 2006, Pelosi voted against protecting the right to say "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance;
  • On Sept. 20, 2006, Pelosi voted against requiring that voters be identified so we could ensure only legal citizens are voting;
  • On July 13, 2006, Pelosi voted against requiring English on ballots;
  • On June 30, 2005, Pelosi refused to side with homeowners against the Kelo decision that allows cities to seize private property for profitable ventures, even though 365 members voted to stop cities from taking private property.
  • Pelosi has voted at least 12 times against the death penalty;
  • Pelosi was one of only 67 House members to vote against the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA);
  • Pelosibrains
  • Pelosi has voted at least eight times against banning partial-birth abortion, at least three times against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (Laci's law), and scored a perfect 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America;
  • Pelosi voted against a bill that would "[b]ar the transportation of a minor girl across state lines to obtain an abortion without the consent of a parent, guardian or judge;"
  • Pelosi voted at least 31 times for using local or federal taxpayer dollars to fund abortions; and
  • Pelosi received an "F" rating from the National Rifle Association.

Pelosi's values are Democrat's values. But are they America's values?

Excerpted from "Winning the Future, with Newt Gingrich."

What Would Reagan Do?

We had some inkling of the problem last year when some who claimed to be movement conservatives decided they would not vote in 2006 and Republicans deserved to lose because President Bush hadn't done everything 100% of the way they demanded on a range of issues.

Most of these issues, whether it was Harriet Miers, Immigration or Dubai Ports were being manipulated by Democrats to inflame conservative disagreements. Add the scandal of EX-Congressman Mark Foley to the Democrats bag of tricks.

Dick Morris thinks it is working. His article in The Hill today is a gloomy forecast of GOP voters sitting out election day.

It's hard to imagine that any GOP voter would hand over the House of Representatives to Democrats. The House is one place where the GOP has held the line on issues from terrorism and the war to immigration and tax cuts. Handing it over to Democrats would reverse course on all these issues.

Tony Blankley in today's Washington Times asks if GOP voters could be that stupid:

No thanks, we're stupid
By Tony Blankley
Washington Times

John Stuart Mill once famously called the British Tories "The Stupid Party." From time to time since then, the Tory's American cousin, the Republican Party, has also earned that moniker. Now may be one of those moments. If current polls and anecdotes are to be believed, there may be a million or two conservative Republicans who are planning to not vote this November.

Of course, Mill also said that : "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but also by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."

Apparently, these anticipated conservative non-voters are annoyed with Republican imperfection. They are disheartened, disappointed, disillusioned, distempered, dismal -- and thus plan to dis the party that better advances conservative principles in government.

They appear to have fallen victim to the false syllogism: 1) Something must be done; 2) not voting is something; therefore, 3) I will not vote.

Of course the fallacy of the syllogism is that the second category could be anything. For example, number two could as well read "eating dog excrement is something." I rather suspect that they will feel about the same afterward, whether they chose the non-voting option or the scatological one. They are both equally illogical -- and repulsive -- and would deserve the moniker, "Stupid."

Here are some tell-tale signs of the sort of person who would vote (or not vote) to cause the election of a party which would act to defeat every value and interest he holds dear (merely because the party that will at least try to advance most of those issues has not done as well as he might have hoped):
1) When offered by a car dealer 25 percent off on a car, he insists on paying the full factory recommended retail sticker price -- because he is damned if he will accept 25 percent when he deserves 30 percent off.
2) When the prettiest cheerleader asks the nerd to take her to the prom, he turns her down -- just because he can.
3) When stopped for doing 70 in a 65 zone, he tells the trooper that's not possible because he had the cruise control set on 90 -- he just resents being falsely charged.
4) When diagnosed with a serious illness, he promptly cancels his medical insurance -- in order to save the cost of premium payments to help pay for the upcoming hospital stay.

A conservative would have to be just that stupid to stay home on Nov. 7.
I have heard it put around that the Republicans need a couple of years in the wilderness to regain their conservative bearings.

While turning over the Congress to the Pelosi/Kennedy mob for even two years would be recklessly irresponsible -- particularly during a dangerous war -- there is no assurance the wilderness years would last only twenty-four months.

In 1954, the Democrats, led by the great Sam Rayburn, retook the House after control had see-sawed back and forth for ten years (1944 -- Democrat; 1946 -- Republican; 1948 -- Democrat; 1950 -- Democrat; 1952 -- Republican; 1954 -- Democrat). Mr. Rayburn (one of the shrewdest politicians ever to play the game) was so sure that the Republicans would take back the House in the Eisenhower re-election year of 1956, that when he became speaker after the 1954 election, he didn't even bother to move his furniture back to the better office suite occupied by Joe Martin (the Republican speaker who returned to minority leader status after the 1954 Republican loss.)

They decided to keep their previous office spaces rather than go through the bother of moving across the hall.

As it turned out, the Republicans didn't re-take a majority of the House for forty years (the Gingrich-led election of 1994). So for forty years the Republican minority leaders got to keep the better office space (that looked out over the majestic National Mall), while the Democratic Speakers for forty years got a view of the parking lot.

I don't care who has the better office space in the future, but any conservative ought to be very concerned about who has the political power in Washington. The Democrats have virtually promised to scandalize the Republican administration (with subpoena and impeachment-seeking oversight hearings) for the next two years -- in preparation for defeating the 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

Moreover, every Democrat who beats a Republican in three weeks will have two years to feather his or her nest, and use the powers of incumbency to defeat his 2008 Republican challenger.

Even more important, in a closely fought 2008 presidential election, every extra Democratic incumbent senator, congressman and governor makes it just a little more likely that the Democratic presidential candidate may win that district or state. All those freshly tuned new Democratic machines will help get out Democratic Party votes for the top of their 2008 ticket.

This current conservative petulance -- if it actually occurs on Nov. 7 -- will increase the chances of electing Hillary or worse (if such a thing is possible) in 2008.
There is no rational policy or political basis for conservatives not voting. I'm not sure the country can take the current Democratic mob in power for long.

A realist once observed that the history of mankind is little more than the triumph of the heartless over the mindless.

The Democrats are obviously heartless. Conservatives must guard against falling into the category of the mindless. Ignore your heartfelt peevements, use your brains and vote.

Can there really be such a thing as "Cut and Run Republicans" who don't get their way, so hand over the House and Senate to Democrats?


WWRD -- What Would Reagan Do?

If President Reagan were alive today, what would he do with today's situation? Readers may recall Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican." Can you imagine in your wildest dreams that the man who transformed the American conservative movement would approve of destroying the remaining conservatives in government for the sake of ideological purity?

I had a front row seat to witness the conservative movement becoming mainstream. I stood on the platform at the GOP convention in Detroit where Reagan was nominated in 1980 as Barry Goldwater, the father of American conservatism spoke. I worked for Congressman John Ashbrook and met William F. Buckley Jr., both of whom were founders of the movement. I've met Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum and the anchor for conservative Republican women.

And of course I worked for Ronald Reagan in the White House when he pulled out all the stops to get his Vice President George H.W. Bush elected. Some conservatives said that Vice President Bush wasn't conservative enough. President Reagan disagreed.

President Reagan would never agree with those who say we deserve to lose. Anyone who thinks like that is not serving conservative values, but abetting liberal policies. Not exactly what a real conservative would do.
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