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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Sad Day for Fred Heads

It's official: GOP Presidential candidate Fred Thompson withdraws from the race!

Fred Thompson introduces his grandson at a visit to Mike's America in October, 2007. Mike's America photo.

It's hard to put so much of yourself into a campaign and a candidate even if you never met the man. We invest our hopes and dreams in a candidate and when he withdraws, or worse yet, loses, it's painful.

But that's the reality of the game called politics. I remember that the first vote I cast for President was for Gerald Ford in 1976 and Carter won. But four years later, I voted for Ronald Reagan and he won. Three years after that, I was a paid staffer on the Senate campaign of conservative founder John Ashbrook when he died suddenly before the Ohio primary.

Politics can be a wild ride from victory to defeat. And certainly, Fred Head friends today can permit themselves a brief moment of disappointment and sadness.

But the game is never over and the best way to overcome the sting of defeat is to get back out there and WIN!

I know that many of you are less enthusiastic about second choices. But each of those choices is better than the Democrat alternative. Not only CAN we win in 2008, we MUST win. There is just too much at stake for the long term future of our nation than to sit and watch Democrats destroy our economy, undermine national security and discard traditional American values.

Fred's departure from the race means that the conservative vote which was split in South Carolina allowing John McCain to win, will now be much more focused as the Florida primary looms on Tuesday, January 29th.

Rest, regroup and come back to the game as soon as you can my friends. We need you! We need ALL of you!

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